Mount Everest, Baby! (Part II)

Oh my gosh.  Were you just on the edge of your seats allll 4th of July weekend long thinking about what ‘Part II’ could possibly bring?

I knew it.

So, back to my ‘life peak’…

The amazing-ness (word?) continued on Thursday, as I brought both little ones to White Post Farm in Long Island.

By.  My.  Self.

Let me just say that when I asked for day trip suggestions to do outside of NYC with a toddler and infant people laughed.  They called me brave.  They suggested places IN the city. (Hint, Hint, I guess?) They laughed some more.  But the truth is that I love doing little excursions.  Granted, it is way easier when my husband or ‘fake wife’ (i.e. best friend) accompany me, but I love to do them anyway.  I also happen to think that sometimes it can actually be easier than a day at home where even going to the park still means packing a bag, getting down three flights of stairs with two little ones in tow, getting into the car or onto public transportation, playing at the park, taking transportation home, trekking back up three flights of stairs and then?  Then you still have at least 5 hours to kill before Daddy gets home.

At least with a trip that requires driving outside of the city there is some napping done on the way there (not by me, I swear) and if I time it correctly, bedtime happens on the way home.  Just always make sure your significant other is home to help you take the sleeping angels upstairs so that this doesn’t happen.

Now let me tell you, White Post Farm ain’t no ordinary farm.  They do have cows, sheep, goats, chickens, and pigs.  But they also have camels, zebras, llamas, kangaroos, monkeys, lemurs, and a donkey.  Craziness.

We started by buying a bottle of goat milk that Carlitos was able to feed to the goats.  Well, when I say ‘was able to,’ what I mean is that they permitted it, not that he succeeded…at first.

There were tests of strength. (Goat: 1; Carlitos: 0)

The limits of a toddler’s comprehension of physics.

And then the success!

Next up were some musical performances by mechanical farm animals.  It was better than it sounds.

Then came his favorite part of the whole day: a train ride! He actually went on twice and would have done nothing but ride the train until closing time, had it not cost $2 each time.  I would love to say that the pure joy I saw on his face was priceless, and in theory it was, but apparently it wasn’t actually…since I was only willing to spend an additional $4.  In any event, he had an absolute blast both times.

Next came ‘bouncy slides’ and ‘bouncy water slides.’  I wasn’t too sure about the water ones because they seemed pretty high, but he begged and I caved. (Ehh, it happens) So, he did the first one six times in a row and then on number 7 he didn’t come down the slide.  I could see that they had an employee sitting at the top and then I see my son go and sit in her lap.  Uh, Carlitos, this is not the time to demonstrate your teacher’s pet tendencies.  Just go down the slide!  Only he would NOT go down the slide.  Suddenly it was scary to him.  So the nice girl walked him down the stairs…just so that he could march over to the other water slide and go right down that one.  Oh, little boys.  You magical, mysterious little creatures.

See?  Look how teeny tiny and breakable he looks going up those inflatable stairs!

And then down like a little fearless warrior.  (Mind you, at age 29 I would not actually go down a slide like this out of fear.  Thankfully I have done an okay job so far of not passing my own fears down to my children.)

There were also many large wooden vehicles for the kids to play on and a huge playground with plenty of slides and steering wheels.  But the final area that I loved was a row of mini houses from White Picket Fence, to Princess, to, the one that lent itself to the best photo-op:

The Log Cabin

At this point you may be thinking, “Good God, woman!  Why are you posting SO MANY pictures?!?”  Let me tell you that I took well over 100 pictures this day, so I have actually pared it down quite significantly.

And my kid is adorable, damnit.

You might also be thinking, “Strange, I thought she had two children.”  Why, yes, yes I do.  But my other child didn’t really change position too much throughout the day, so you really only need one picture to see his experience at White Post Farm:

After the farm we headed to dinner, which happened to be next to a Michael’s, so we stopped in to buy some more art supplies (or ‘arts and craps,’ as Carlitos calls them).  Then we went to an Applebee’s and Carlitos asked for chicken.  When the server asked what side he wanted, french fries, apple sauce or broccoli he didn’t hesitate.  Obviously, he asked for french fries broccoli.  What?!?  So, in my head I know that when his food arrives he is going to realize that aliens briefly took over his brain and he actually wants fries or applesauce.  Nope.  He had a head of plain steamed broccoli in his mouth before the plate even hit the table.  Well, I should have let it go at that point and been thankful that my attempts to raise a healthy child have succeeded.  But nooooo, I ask the server to bring him some Ranch dipping sauce.  Why?  I don’t know.  I guess aliens temporarily took over my brain.  In any event, he ate the ENTIRE plate of food. ENTIRE.  It was completely insane.  And amazing.  You know I took pictures, but I am holding myself back from posting those, too.

And then I changed some diapers, put on some PJs (Yeah, right, I wish I was talking about myself.) and headed home.  Both boys fell asleep on the drive.

It was heaven.  I felt like a ROCKSTAR.  I was even more in love with my boys than usual. I have 127 pictures to prove it.

The end.

Let the valley commence….

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6 Responses to Mount Everest, Baby! (Part II)

  1. Julie says:

    Great way to learn physics! And how strong animals are….

  2. admin says:

    Yes! Obviously, I aim to teach him everything in a hands-on way. Oh, Perfect Mom, me. 😉

  3. Penny says:

    Standing Ovation!!

  4. admin says:

    Awww Penny, you’re just saying that because you see that Xavi has on his Brooklyn Bridge onesie.

  5. […] truly appreciate them.  Let’s just say today is helping me appreciate the times when I have had it all together and everything seems to be going […]

  6. Winning says:

    […] have done lots of farm visits and excursions before and I had the urge to go back to one we had already visited, called Stone […]

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