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Come On In, Good Stress

Life comes in waves.  The good rolls in, then ebbs away.  The bad finds its way to your shores a little more aggressively, but still retreats to leave you in peace.  In fact, they even all often come in threes: the good, the bad and the waves. Side note: I feel like all of my […]

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Boston, You’re My Home

Bit of a rough week, guys, eh? One week ago, families and friends of Boston Marathoners were making signs, setting up rides into the city, getting excited to cheer on the people they love and the causes in which they believe. Runners themselves were busy stuffing their faces with pizza, pasta, bread and other delicious […]

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Pineapple Fried Rice

Living in New York City, you become accustomed to ordering delivery for dinner.  Some would say overly accustomed. I’m too tired/busy/sick/late/sad/angry/excited/lazy to cook tonight.  Plus, it’s rainy.  And my middle toe hurts.  What do you want, babe?  Pizza, sushi, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, burgers, deli sandwiches, Korean, Mediterranean? I think I actually want barbecue.  […]

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I just read through my two most recent posts.  It was actually pretty difficult to do. Even though writing has been an excellent way for me to work through confusing events in my life, a way to cope and heal and make my way through murky situations and emotions, this was too much.  Dealing with […]

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