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From Maine to Miami

When my husband first began meeting my extended family he had one question: what’s with all the turtlenecks? “We’re from New England.” I explained. When he spent more time with all of us, further questions arose about ‘itchy sweaters’ and handkerchiefs on call at all times and wool blankets. When he would visit my hometown […]

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Control and Chaos

I keep beating myself up about the fact that I haven’t made this blog a priority.  Whenever someone mentions that they wish I would post more I mentally kick myself for not focusing on this space and building it into what I know it could become if I nurtured it more.  I mean, that is […]

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First Day Failure

The photos had already been pouring in on Facebook and Instagram.  The First Day of School was upon us.  Since our sons didn’t start until the 9th, I had a week or two to see  tons of adorable ideas plastered all over social media.  Bento box lunches, lunchbox notes, handmade signs being held by pudgy […]

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I’d Rather Just Know What’s New With YOU

I distinctly remember smiling last night as I thought of two excellent blog post ideas.  Things I really wanted to talk about and that would be fun to write. Once I got Xavi down for his nap today, I rushed to the computer…and realized I had no recollection of either topic.  Zilch.  Why I thought […]

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Leaving Brooklyn…In Style

We are so ready for this move to the suburbs.  So, so ready.  We did our time in Manhattan and then in Brooklyn.  We tried our best and have wonderful memories of both, but it is time to follow the other ‘three child families’ to the land of grass and guest rooms.  For us, the […]

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Graduation Celebration! (ie. Cryfest 2013)

I feel a ramble coming on.  You’ve received fair warning. There is something about having kids that makes life crystal clear, with all of the complexities of simultaneous joy and pain.  But it also blurs the lines.  It leaves you raw, which allows for so much more joy to press itself up against you, soothing […]

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Joining Clubs

2013.  This year has done it’s best to beat us down.  Well, actually, I guess cancer tried to beat us down.  Actually, to be more specific, Thyroid Cancer has really come at us with a vengeance.  Yes, the past couple weeks we have been dealing with a second case in the family and additional family […]

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The Kids Will be Okay

All weekend I felt it building.  Fear, worry, sadness.  By Sunday night it peaked into what I can only describe as an anxiety attack. My heart was racing;  I could feel it strongly beating in my chest so very quickly.  I couldn’t catch my breath.  I couldn’t fall asleep.  My whole body was tense. I […]

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Life With Kids

You know those close friends that you never end up speaking with as much as you wish you did?  But then that causes you to actually not pick up sometimes when they call?   Because you know it can’t possibly be a ten minute conversation;  it will be at least an hour-long chat in order […]

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Come On In, Good Stress

Life comes in waves.  The good rolls in, then ebbs away.  The bad finds its way to your shores a little more aggressively, but still retreats to leave you in peace.  In fact, they even all often come in threes: the good, the bad and the waves. Side note: I feel like all of my […]

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