Thanks World Cup, for creating an amazing sleeper!


Says the announcer?


Screams my husband…and then, obviously, screams his ‘trainee,’ my 2-year-old son.

And poor little Xavi?  Trying to sleep next to them in his little green swing?

Oh, wait, he’s not crying.  Not even stirring.

Say what?!?

These refs may be the worst EVER, the ball may need some alterations, it sucks that USA, Mexico and France have already left the competition, but goshdarnit, you have created another bond between my husband and his eldest son and, more importantly, you have helped our youngest son become the amazing sleeper he is.

So, I forgive you for everything else and I thank you, FIFA.

Let’s hear those vuvuzelas blow and let’s score as many GOOOOAAAALLLSSS as possible!

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