I’m Magic, You see

So, there is this amazing blogger at TheBloggess.com who always has a segment called ‘Shit I Did When I Wasn’t Here.’  Let me tell you that it took me waaaaayyy too long to figure out what she meant by that.  Like, WAY too long.

Yeah, she just meant that she did other writing and work other than just on her own personal blog.  Oh, you didn’t need me to explain that to you?  Well, whatever.  I think you’re late for your MENSA meeting.


Anyway, now I finally have an excuse to say the same thing…only even cooler because mine is kind of time warp-y.  (Shut up about my hyphen, MENSA.  This is my blog and I can write and punctuate however I please.)

Last week I was asked to be a guest blogger for another amazing blogger at MommyOnTheSpot.com.  Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh.  I may not be the sharpest crayon (Or ‘crown,’ as my husband pronounces it.  Another story for a different day.  When I am looking for a reason to be annoyed with him.  Because that is so annoying. Accent, schmaccent. You are saying the wrong word.) in the box, but I am wanted, nay, personally requested.  And that is pretty darn special, if I do say so myself.

MENSA. {I am totally rolling my eyes at you.}

So, last Thursday I wrote a guest post and then today it is on her blog, www.MommyOnTheSpot.com

Crazy, right?

It’s like ‘Stuff I Did While I was Here, But for Other Websites That Aren’t Here and This is All Happening Right Now, But for the Future.’

I am pretty sure The Bloggess is now going to steal my new segment.   I would, if I were her.

Anyway, if you want to read today’s post of mine, you will have to head over to www.MommyOnTheSpot.com and read what I wrote…in the past, for the future, that is now posted today.

Total. Mind. Freak.

I always knew I was special.  I just always thought it was more ‘I will be walking down the red carpet as everyone screams my name’ special.

Who knew it was actually the ‘Magic’ kind of special?

It’s something.  I’ll take it.

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6 Responses to I’m Magic, You see

  1. Nichola says:

    Hey, I just got back from my MENSA meeting (don’t roll you eyes at me). I can’t wait to read your guest blog. Congratulations, Annie! You ARE magic!

  2. I am refraining from rolling my eyes. But only because you agree that I am magic.

    Related Sidenote: An old high school boyfriend used to tell me I had ‘black magic’ that made him fall so hard for me. This is only relevant because now you know just how long I have been all sorts of magic and how lucky you are to be my friend.

    (If you grew up in my town, are reading this, and were also told that you had ‘black magic’ that put a guy under a spell, please don’t share that information here. I would like to believe this was not a line, but that I do truly possess magic. Thanks.)

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