Apple Picking

We moved to NYC in August two years ago.  I immediately went to work planning as many weekend excursions into nature as possible.

Some of these have now become tradition.  Apple picking being the main one in that category.

Each Fall we have gone to the same place – Masker’s.  And each season we have hit during a different type of apple.

This year was finally my year:


Unfortunately, we came to realize that to come during ‘Macintosh week’ means suffering 90 degree weather still even though you are dressed for Fall because apple picking is a Fall event, dammit.

It was still a blast.  Xavi picked his first apple.  He also spent half of the time on the ground because he kept falling over as he tried to walk on the layer of fallen apples on the ground.  He spent the other half of the time saying ‘ball’ and throwing as many apples as he could.  One of them directly at my face as I took a picture.

And Carlitos was in freakishly chipper spirits.  Want to go to a new tree?  Sure, Mommy! Can we take a picture of you and Daddy?  Of course, Mommy! Can I put wriggly, dirty worms on your face and clothes pins on your toes?  Absolutely!  Great idea!  I LOVE clothes pins! (Disclaimer:  Last one is attempt at humor.  There was no torture this day.)

Oh, and the boys even got to share an apple cider doughnut washed down with…apple cider!  Clearly, it was a great day.

The experience is honestly best told in images, though…

Sometimes all it takes is a little fresh air and family to make for a spectacular day.

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3 Responses to Apple Picking

  1. SRD says:

    great post – sounds like a blast!

  2. RealMommyChron says:

    Thanks, SRD!!! It will be you pretty soon!!! Maybe even this Fall??!?
    🙂 xo

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