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Xavi says You’re Welcome. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Grammy.

Here’s the thing about life: sometimes it hands you free trips to Nantucket to celebrate your mother’s birthday…and sometimes it hands you buckets of vomit from your 2-year-old.  What stinks is when those two things happen on the same day. We drove from Brooklyn to Cape Cod Thursday night, skipping Carlitos’ karate class, surviving downpours, […]

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Orange You Glad I Made Chicken?

I know I have made many vegetarian dishes so far for ‘What’s for Supper Wednesdays.’  I am not even sure why, really.  We do still eat meat.  Although now that I try to buy organic/hormone-free meat, I do buy it less often each week…which is probably also good for us in the long run, actually. […]

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