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Pineapple Fried Rice

Living in New York City, you become accustomed to ordering delivery for dinner.  Some would say overly accustomed. I’m too tired/busy/sick/late/sad/angry/excited/lazy to cook tonight.  Plus, it’s rainy.  And my middle toe hurts.  What do you want, babe?  Pizza, sushi, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, burgers, deli sandwiches, Korean, Mediterranean? I think I actually want barbecue.  […]

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So, I am going to rip off the bandaid right away, just like my doctor did Thursday night when he called me with the full results from my biopsies. The bad news: I have cancer. The good news: I have one of the best endocrinologists in the world and will be meeting with a chief […]

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5,000 Horny Camels?

So, I went to BlogHer and everyone kept pointing at me and saying, “You don’t belong here, lady.  Go home.”  And I cried and got on the subway and headed all the way back to Brooklyn, dripping with sweat and tears. Then I woke up. Kidding. I didn’t have any nightmares about BlogHer, but as […]

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Fighting the Frost!

Living in New York City for the past two years has had a way of making me feel pretty uncool. It could be that I have been pregnant or toting around two little ones the entire time we have lived here. It could be that I still smile at random people while everyone else glowers. […]

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Free Friday!

I have been a little MIA on here this week.  Or at least I feel that way.  Sometimes it is just hard to keep all of the balls up in the air, you know?  My attention has maybe been a little more focused on my other two businesses (the ones that, unlike this one, actually […]

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Seconds? Oh no, I couldn’t…I’m pregnant.

I expected that raising a 2-year-old in New York City would be an adjustment, coming from the D.C./Maryland area.  I didn’t expect that being pregnant in New York would be any different from my first pregnancy.   I was wrong, oh so wrong. I put on 65 pounds with my first son.  All of our […]

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