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Healthy Habits

Kids are often the litmus test for how sane, healthy and functional our society is. Kids’ bullying is becoming more frequent and harsh?  Kids are shooting other kids with guns?  Kids are overweight? They are learning all of this.  It is not coded in our ‘American DNA’ in case that was your theory.  Kids demonstrate […]

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I just read through my two most recent posts.  It was actually pretty difficult to do. Even though writing has been an excellent way for me to work through confusing events in my life, a way to cope and heal and make my way through murky situations and emotions, this was too much.  Dealing with […]

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Free Friday!

Having Xavi changed me. Yes, it made me a mom of two.  A mom of boys, plural.  Someone who sometimes puts her children in matching outfits now that there are two of them. However, perhaps the biggest change of all was inside of me…and I don’t mean that in some lovey, gushy way.  This child […]

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