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Enjoying the Spell

Let me begin with a few little housekeeping notes: I BEAT CANCER. How’s that for a hashtag BOOM moment?  Cancer Survivor. #BOOM Yup, sucker didn’t stand a chance.  TKO down for the count in the first round. (I am possibly mixing sports slang gibberish to be even more gibberishy, but what the heck.)  The call […]

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Toddler Bras?!? Do You Buy Her Four Loko and Condoms, Too?

At first I thought I must be confused.  I must be imagining things. My head swivels as I take in all of the other merchandise around me. Nope.  Definitley the toddler section. Footed pajamas with teddybears, cotton underwear with Snow White, little ankle socks with bows. Yup.  Sweet little girl things. So what in the […]

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