Seasonal Depression and Weight Loss. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Dad!

I don’t know about you, but this weather…sigh…

This weather has me, well, down.  I don’t shower so much. I don’t change my clothes so much.  I just want to eat chocolate all day.  I don’t want to do any work, or cleaning, or cooking.  I don’t want to do much of anything.

I mean, I am taking care of my children.  Don’t worry.  No need to contact CPS or anything.  The children are bathed, dressed in fresh clothes, fed three meals and two snacks, loved on, cared for and played with daily.  I just can’t manage to take care of myself.

And to top it off, I meant to start doing Wii Fit (totally not getting any money, coupons or even ‘thank yous’ from their company for mentioning them) this week and I just can’t seem to make myself start.  In fact, I had scheduled myself to start it at 10:00am this morning.  It is 10:23 and guess what I am doing?  Procrastinating. Writing this blog post.

Oh wait, it is later in the day and guess what?! I did Wii Fit.  Although I might be even more depressed now.   They are telling me the same thing I already knew:  I need to lose 45 pounds.

Also? Once they put together my information after standing on the wii board my little avatar suddenly had a tire around her middle and bad posture.

Like the kind of posture that says, “Hey! Who ate my last bag of Doritos?  Imma gunna GIHT YOU! And where are my cigs?  Dwarryl, did you steal my cigs again?  Dang it, I guess I’ll just gnaw on this here stick of lard.”

Basically, the body stance of a very unhealthy and slumpy, dumpy woman.

Thanks, Wii.

On the bright side, my Wii Fit age was only a little over a year above my real age.  I was waiting for it to say 60 or something.

Speaking of 60.  The one thing offering us some excitement on the horizon is my dad’s 60th birthday party this weekend.

I think you know that we like to dance.  Like, we actually have full on dance parties before 7 am.  On weekdays.  And I make dance mixes for events.  Even in the year 2010.  And we don’t just listen to them the night of the event.  Noooooooooo….In the car.  On our home computer.  At our family’s home.  In the kitchen at dinner time.  We just can’t get enough dance mix.  Because we just can’t get enough DANCE.

So just imagine How We Do at actual dance parties.  Let me just say that you wish you were going this weekend.  Oh yes, you do.

And maybe I will actually burn some calories while acting out every part of ‘I Would Catch a Grenade for Ya‘ (Apparently officially known as ‘Grenade.’  Boooooring.)

So, thanks dad.  Your birthday is offering us something to look forward to in this dreary, trying not to just curl up in a ball and rock back and forth, Look At The Ice Rink Out The Window!, gray, gray, winter.  And it might help me burn more calories than that stupid Hula Hoop activity on Wii Fit.

I hate hula hoops.  They’re almost worse than frisbees.

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4 Responses to Seasonal Depression and Weight Loss. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Dad!

  1. autumn says:

    I want to try Wi fit! I’m dying to see what my avatar looks like.

  2. Oh, Autumn, we both know what your avatar will look like. That’s just mean.

    Yours will have the posture of someone that would say, “Like, oh my gah, I totally ate an extra piece of celery today. I need to do at least thirty extra lunges. Ugh, such a pih-ig! Does my butt look big in these size 2 skinny jeans?”

    But, obviously, because I love you anyway, you are welcome to come over and use our new Wii Fit anytime. 😉

  3. Nina says:

    I LOVE that song. I would TOTALLY dance with you all night to that song 🙂 I also don’t get out much–so, birthday parties are equivalent to a night at da club!!

  4. This was me last month!

    Hey, if you like to dance, you should try Just Dance 2. They have this workout mode that is awesome and so much fun!

    Hang in there!

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