Toddler Bras?!? Do You Buy Her Four Loko and Condoms, Too?

At first I thought I must be confused.  I must be imagining things.

My head swivels as I take in all of the other merchandise around me.

Nope.  Definitley the toddler section.

Footed pajamas with teddybears, cotton underwear with Snow White, little ankle socks with bows. Yup.  Sweet little girl things.

So what in the WORLD are padded pink and black bras and padded turquoise satin bras doing here?!?

Wavering between disgust, anger, sadness and a faint hope that I was still somehow confused, I asked the cashier.


Um, why are there bras that look like they are for 3 or 4-year-olds right over there?

(With a clearly annoyed tone) Oh, well, some 14-year-olds start developing.

Those look tiny.  They look way too small for a 14-year-old.

Well, there are two different sizes when choosing a bra.  The bra size and the cup size.  Lots of 14-year-olds are small.


Wow.  It’s like we were having two entirely separate conversations.  Impressive skills in deception, my dear.  Ever thought about a career in politics?

I was kind of in disbelief.  Sweetheart, first of all, I said FOUR, not fourteen.  We both know you heard me correctly the five times I clarified the age I was referencing.

Second of all, are you really explaining how bra sizing works to a nursing mom?  Really?  I think I understand that bras come in different sizes.  Thanks.

Third of all, many 14-year-olds begin wearing bras.  That is normal.   It is also clearly not what I was asking you about.

What is NOT normal is putting a padded, sexy bra (or any bra, for that matter) on your toddler!   And don’t even try to tell me that there are enough 3 and 4-year-olds with extremely early chest development to warrant having a whole ‘Toddler Bra’ section in your store.  Please don’t insult my intelligence.

I still thought wanted to believe that I was misunderstanding or that the bras were in the wrong section of the store by mistake.  So I googled ‘4-year-old bras’ and unfortunately found lots of information.

Pit in stomach.

It’s true.

What is the world coming to?

Our moms are wearing pigtails and our babies are wearing black padded bras.

Where’s my puke bucket?

*The teacher in me says “Here’s a link if you want to learn more!” I’m not the author of the article(s)  below, but it’s still decent writing, I guess.  I mean, if you like writing that isn’t mine… *

“Padded Bras for 4-Year-Olds?” by Cynthia Dermody of The Stir

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3 Responses to Toddler Bras?!? Do You Buy Her Four Loko and Condoms, Too?

  1. Julie says:

    What store was this? I would like to know so I can write them letter …..

  2. Here is a link for the store:

    Although in the blog post attached at the bottom of this post she references seeing them at other stores, too.

    Kind of insane and totally gross.

  3. […] all of the girls didn’t have ‘Juicy’ written on their butts or didn’t start wearing push up bras when they were 4 and where the boys don’t know what a fist fight […]

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