Desayuno Dancing…

Or Breakfast Baile.  Somehow this title is only working in Spanglish.

C’mon.  Admit it.  I know we aren’t the only ones whose breakfast (and dinner) often turns into a dance party.

Like most of you, I’m pretty sure, our breakfast dance-a-thon this morning was to the beat of the lovely CuCu Diamantes.  (I have to suggest that you play ‘Alguien’ in the background while reading the rest of this post.)

You all had her blasting while you chomped on your cornflakes this morning, right?

The dance moves of a 3-year-old are something to behold.   Give them a song where 30 words are being said per second and, well, I will let the photos speak for themselves…

Is my son the only one whose ‘dancing’ always somehow includes running at some point in the routine?

Annnnd, distraction.

Okay, back to the dancing!

Uh, pretty sure he is doing Beyonce’s Single Ladies dance?

Rock on, CuCu!

Rock on, Xavi!

Whoa!  Is that the crip walk?!  Your poor daddy tried so hard to learn that one when we first started dating.  How quickly our kids surpass our skills.

‘Battling’…with his shadow?

Finally resting, as Xavi still tries to impress him.

Oh, yes.  You know Xavi was dancing that whole time.

I mean, he is a member of our family, after all.

And whether we look goofy or not, we can’t help ourselves:

We LOVE to dance.

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4 Responses to Desayuno Dancing…

  1. Sounds like our house. Right now all my 4 year old wants to hear is the Dancing Queen station I made on Pandora. She loves anything to do with the movie Mama Mia. I put a cap on it because I refuse to listen to all Abba all the time.

    Adorable pics!!

  2. I have to suggest that you introduce her to some CuCu Diamantes! 😉

    Actually, Carlitos’ most requested dinner music is really Broken Bells (he has cooler taste in music than his mom), but it isn’t quite dance music.

    I agree, there IS such a thing as too much ABBA! haha

  3. […] think you know that we like to dance.  Like, we actually have full on dance parties before 7 am.  On weekdays.  And I make dance mixes for events.  Even in the year 2010.  And we don’t […]

  4. Julie says:

    Thanks for the link to Cuculand! Love the Latin fusion musica!

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