Costco Clubbin’

It’s exciting to go, but at the last minute you kind of have to pep yourself up to actually leave the house.  You know it will be fun…but also exhausting.  Plus, you don’t want to spend a ton of money and you never end up leaving without dropping a few hundred dollars.


Plus, there is that pizza that you know you shouldn’t eat, but by the time you are ready to leave your will power and inhibitions are out the window.

I swear, going to Costco is like going to a club.

You think you are only going in for an hour at most.  Next thing you know, you are staggering out of there two or three hours later.  On a shopping high.  Your wallet a lot lighter.  That pizza you shouldn’t have eaten sitting in your stomach.

Is it just me or was that THE MOST DELICIOUS PIZZA I HAVE EVER TASTED!!! (Until you taste it one day without being drunk on ‘Two Giant Boxes of Red Berry Special K for Only $5.99?!?!?’…)

Wow.  It’s dark outside?  How long were we in there?!?

A little disoriented.

And if going to Costco is like clubbing, I was on a bit of a bender yesterday.  Because after hitting up Costco I then went to Target AND Trader Joe’s.

I know.   You thought I lived in NYC, right?  I do….

But with a CAR.  A car that allows me to often live life as though we were actually still in the ‘burbs.

Well, minus the wine at noon part.  At least, after watching Real Housewives I am pretty sure living in the suburbs involves wine at noon.  Daily.  Right?

And truly, who needs wine at noon when you’ve got Trader Joe’s?  That place will get you high as a kite.

A giant bag of Firate’s Footy (that would be fake Pirate’s Booty) for $1.49?!

An Advent Calendar (with chocolate!) for 99 cents?!

Organic, cage-free, vegetarian-fed eggs for $2.19?!

You know how to make a ‘Yuppie Mom on a Budget’ swoon.  I feel invincible.  Should we go get tattoos?

Although the real reason I was there was to buy lunches for my husband.  Gourmet prepared frozen lunches for $2.  Literally less than a New York City slice of pizza.

(ps.  If you are so fortunate as to have your husband ask you to get him lunches to eat at the office, do not let this opportunity pass you by.  Be smart, ladies:  Indian food, beans and anything with the word ‘garlic’ in it.)

And then I came home and as I was making dinner I had a real glass of wine.

Honestly, after a day of ‘clubbing,’ it felt like  a little hair of the dog.

I guess I was already hungover.

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4 Responses to Costco Clubbin’

  1. You described The Costco Experience to a T. So, yes, let’s get tattoos!

    I agree with you: their pizza is aMAZing!

  2. Glad I am not the only one who goes through this every Costco trip!

    Sooo, as a Kirkland Brand groupie myself, my suggestion is matching ‘K’s. You know, something classy, simple and meaningful.

    You in?

  3. Marcia FitzGerald says:

    I have not been to Costco for a long time but am glad to hear that nothing has changed!

  4. Nope, not at all. Except that they offer way more organic products…even the kids’ clothing!

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