Life as we know it. (Read: Insanity)

It has been a hectic week.  Super hectic.  But in great ways.

First of all, SEEDS Tutoring NYC is officially ready to serve you.  If you live in the New York area, please share our site with anyone you know who might have a young child (around 4-7) who is struggling with early literacy skills.  Our program can deliver some amazing results in a very caring and supportive manner.

I also held my Launch Party/Trunk Show as a Stylist for Stella & Dot jewelry.  It was so much fun…as events with friends, wine, chocolate and gorgeous jewelry are apt to be.  Here is a little taste of the display we created:

The second photo is of some of the little girl items.   So adorable that I seriously contemplated stealing away my friend’s daughter so that I could put these on her every day.  (Yes, M, watch out the next time you bring E to our house!)

You can still shop through my Trunk Show online until October 30th (Just go to and click on ‘Find your hostess’ and then type in Annie) or you can simply shop on my Independent Stylist site any time after that. (  Enjoy!

Did you notice that the quality of my photos is (slightly) better than usual?  My amazing husband surprised me with a new camera.  I haven’t exactly figured out the correct way to use it yet (or even what the heck ‘aperature’ means), but apparently even with a moron behind the lens, the photos are a million times better than my old camera.

It came in very handy during our family day on Saturday.  My husband planned a full day for us.  We started with a picnic in Central Park.

(Here is where knowing what the heck I am doing with this new camera would come in handy.  I am pretty sure Xavi does not actually glow like an alien…)

Then we rented a remote control sailboat.

(Can you tell which boat is ours?)

I 100% recommend this activity to anyone in NYC, by the way. It is $11 for 30 minutes, which actually isn’t bad for NYC standards and 30 minutes is the perfect amount of time.  Definitely choose a beautiful day though, because the view in the photo above really added to the whole experience.

Then Carlitos quickly climbed the Alice in Wonderland statue in order to work up a thirst for hot chocolate at a cafe on Madison Avenue.  And when walked to Madison Avenue, among all of the insanely expensive and proper homes, we came across this:

Okay, so I am sure this home is also ridiculously expensive, but I am wondering how their neighbors feel about this?

I’m just saying…the Upper East Side set is not usually who you think is going for the whole ‘eyeballs in the mouth’ humor or inflatable ghost decor…

Perhaps I have misjudged the general stuffiness of the neighborhood.

Oh!  And I almost forgot that we also celebrated Xavi’s 6 month birthday this week.  Which is total insanity.  My newest plan is to literally not let him out of my arms so that he will be forced to stop growing.  Although that might just cause him to grow intertwined around me like a tree that is too close to a house or a fence.  I’ll keep you updated on the results.

In any event, we celebrated with carrot cake…and flowers.  Well, the flowers were for me, not Xavi.  My husband said they were “Just because,” which is awesome and all, but I like to also think of them as ‘Thank you for pushing this giant human being out of you six months ago.  That was pretty impressive.” flowers.

Artsy photo, right?  I’m trying.  Just wait until I read that instruction manual!

In my defense, this was also the night my husband brought home the camera, so this was literally one of the first attempts.

So, in summary (because Lord knows this novel post needs one!), I am probably over-working myself which is probably why I am still kind of sick, Xavi has been brightening our lives for 6 whole months now, Carlitos probably won’t need to eat carrot cake again for the next year or so, UES residents are funnier than you thought, camera manuals exist for a reason, and I wouldn’t want any other man in the whole world as my husband.

Here’s to life!  Crazy, busy, beautiful life.

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