Worth a Thousand Words

Xavi had his first little bowl of rice cereal today!  Very exciting round these parts.  (Don’t worry we videotaped all of the action.  Feel free to ask to watch it the next time you come to visit.)

It was abundantly clear that he has ready for solid foods.  Perhaps he had been ready for awhile now, the way he tried to wrastle that spoon away from his mama and feed himself.  And the way he whimpered for more in between each bite.  And the way he started crying when his little bowl was empty.

So, even though I had just nursed him, we gave him a bottle.

Actually grabbed that from us too, and drank the first part on his own.

(Look at that look of disdain!  He can hardly bear to call us his parents.  What with practically starving him and all.  He did actually seem pissed.)

Downed it.

Still hungry.

Make him a second bottle.  Drinks half and passes out into what can only be described as a Beautiful Milk Coma.

And someone else, so as not to be outdone, had a gargantuan dinner as well.

Thrilling Friday night here in the big city.


ps.  Something was off with my camera lighting.  I am NOT actually wearing self tanner, and I am NOT keeping my boys warm with chick incubator lighting or anything.  Carlitos’ cheeks ARE actually that red, however.  Poor guy has a bad cold and is doing the little boy ‘Alternating Hand Wipes Snot Across Entire Face Over to Earlobe Until There are Actually Visible Layers of Dried Snot in Lines Across his Face’ thing.  His face clearly does not approve of this little habit he has going.

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2 Responses to Worth a Thousand Words

  1. Awesome pics! I always thought it was so much fun introducing new foods!

  2. I agree! I actually love this stage! He has now had rice cereal and sweet potato. This weekend…AVOCADO!!! (Gotta get those brain cells ready for Harvard.)

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