Uh Oh, Mommy’s Addicted

This is worse than crack.

I have just rediscovered Jib Jab…now that I have kids.

Please know there will be more to come in the future if I can make this work on here….

(Try not to pee your pants.  Or put on a diaper.  Whatever.)

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4 Responses to Uh Oh, Mommy’s Addicted

  1. Monica says:

    So cute!

    Speaking of…I bought these for Addie now that she’s in undies in case of emergency and I totally thought of you at the store 🙂


  2. Mother says:

    I hope this does not traumatize the boys someday….. but I guess they better learn a good sense of humor early in this family!! Xavi is a natural! xogrammy

  3. Hardy Har Har, Monica!! (But seriously, where can I find those?) 😉

    Yes, I struggle with where my line for ‘traumatization’ is…but I figure it can only make them more resilient, right?

    And it’s not like I’m putting Diet Coke in their bottles or something.

    ps. Wow. This is what it took for me to realize that apparently ‘traumatization’ is not a real word. That little red correction underline doesn’t want to go away.

  4. margy says:

    OMG I love Jib Jab almost as much as I love you…this is hilarious! Why does Carlitos have such a funny face in that pic?! Plus, he has boobs!! Classic…LOVE IT

    (PS: I miss you guys~sending my friend with a 4-month old to your site and had to read up…hope to see you soon! xoxo)

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