No Rest for the Weary…

I’m sorry.  I messed up.  That should say, “No Rest for the Weary Mommy.”

There we go.  Much more accurate.

So, here is what I feel like today:

Yes, I am so sick that I feel like a sick MAN.  (Didn’t you know men actually always get sicker than their female counterparts?  Known fact.  Or at least, the whimpering suggests this.  That and being told straight up, “But I am sicker than you were last week.  You have no idea how much worse this is for me!”  Whimper.  Whimper.  Puppy dog eyes.)

Click here to see what I’m talking about


Anyway, I spent last night with terrible chills and a fever.  Accompanied by lovely body aches and slight nausea.  Today, the fever and chills are gone, but the aching remains and is joined by an intense sore throat and slight, yet persistant headache.

Five years ago I would have been huddled in bed all day.  Probably for at least two more days, actually.  I know you can’t tell, but I just completely stopped writing for about 3 minutes, imagining how nice that would feel.

*Snaps back to reality*

So, what did I do today?

Made breakfast.  Cleaned the kitchen and bathroom.  Swept the floors.  Did the dishes.  Wrote a million emails regarding my two new business ventures ( and Took Carlitos to the doctor for his 3 year check up.  Grabbed pizza.  Returned home to write an additional million emails, do research, order business supplies, etc.  Now I am about to take Carlitos to his Little Gym class.  Oh, and I’m blogging.

It isn’t like I did anything out of the ordinary today, but like I said, five years ago I would have done none of this.  Well, maybe I would have made myself breakfast.  Maaaaaaybe.

There are many, many benefits to being a stay at home mom or a mom who works from home, but this is up there in the top five detriments.

You literally can NOT stop.  You do not get to take a day off.  You can never fully rest, recuperate, heal or just plain old BE SICK.

It just isn’t in the job description.

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6 Responses to No Rest for the Weary…

  1. Sallymarie says:

    The SEEDS website looks great!

  2. Mother says:

    SYMPATHYS……I remember this. It is hard.

  3. Peace. says:

    […] already made it pretty clear, this holiday season has really kicked my butt. We all have The Never Ending Cold.  I burned myself.  Threw my back out.  Got round four (!!!) of Mastitis (because I wasn’t […]

  4. […] once you have kids, because there is no time off when you’re sick.  I have already learned this lesson many times in the past 3 years, but, like they say, you learn something new every day.  Here is […]

  5. Sallymarie – Thank you!

  6. Mother –
    But…? I don’t remember you ever being sick?


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