Babies, Bangs and…well, read on

Exciting news!

I no longer look like I collect plastic horses or have an affinity for full length denim skirts!

Yes, I got a haircut.

Maybe you aren’t aware, but I am quite a daredevil.  No, seriously.  I’ve gone sky diving and bungee jumping.  And I’ve worn fitted satin without Spanx.  I’m  full of adventure.   So, because I am wild and crazy, I got…BANGS!

Eh, okay, not really that gutsy.  It did feel good to make a legitimate change, though.

Plus, that shampoo/head massage was amazing.  Yeah, that felt good too.

What wasn’t amazing was the fact that Xavi, Wonder Baby of No Tears, of course…Can you guess?

Yes, he fussed.

But luckily this girl from the front desk was alllll about him.  She wanted to hold him and play with him and coo at him.  So he obviously fell in love with her and wanted her to be his mother or girlfriend or wife.  He was a happy boy.

And then he started crying.  The ‘Hungry Cry.’  And there just isn’t anything this girl can do about that.  So…I did something I am pretty sure has never been done in this salon before:  I nursed my baby while getting my hair blown out.  Yup, stuck that little bugga right under that brown cape.

I was finally doing something for myself and to make me look and feel better.   I was not about to let a little mealtime interfere.  So we, as Tim Gunn would say, ‘Made it work.’

Now I feel refreshed and inspired to lose that last 45 pounds.  Hmm…that doesn’t sound right.  Maybe ‘last’ and ’45’ don’t go together.  Well, I feel inspired – that’s the point.

So, seeing as we went through this bonding experience together, Xavi wanted to be a part of the reveal…

Okay, that’s a lie.  I wanted Xavi to be in the pictures.

Please stop Crying, Xavi.  Let’s try another…

Mommy, I’m tired.  Please don’t make me take any more pictures.

Okay, okay.  Just at least tell me what you think of your mama’s new haircut!

Meh, what do I know?  I’m a baby.  It doesn’t look any different to me.

Okay, can you just smile for the camera, please, Xavi?  I need a good picture to put on my blog.

Blog?  You didn’t say this was going on your blog!  Well then, let’s get my good side, shall we?  Hi ladies!  Especially you from the salon. Wink Wink.

Thatta boy.

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4 Responses to Babies, Bangs and…well, read on

  1. autumn says:

    did xavi get his hair styled while he was there too? it looks like he has a faux-hawk in these pictures! the haircut looks great!

  2. No. Must be tousled from the salon cape. 😉

    PS. Can’t believe you didn’t make note of my Tim Gunn reference!

  3. Oh, and thank you about the haircut!
    I took these photos in the car and with no makeup or ‘post salon visit touch up’ (because they always style me like a poodle or a newscaster). I will take and post better photos at some point.
    Because I’m sure everyone is just DYING for them.

  4. Mother says:

    Wow, you really look great! I love the new hair. Xavi will have funny stories to tell his friends.

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