I’m a hustla, baaaby…

A teacher, a social worker and a counselor walk into a bar…

They’re all there for the 7:00 pm – 2:00 am shift.

Hysterical?  Maybe not.  (I’m used to it.  I’ve been told my jokes are, literally, never funny.)

Realistic?  Yes.

Okay, so in all honesty, I am actually the only one I know considering a waitress or bartender position.

But almost all women I know – especially fellow moms – are trying to find some additional work.  Let me clarify here that I am clearly talking about a certain group of women.  Without meaning to, I realize I have surrounded myself with fellow teachers, social workers, counselors, health care workers, and grad students.  I am not exactly running with the SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) WN (With Nanny) crew.  I mean, I am totally willing to be friends with you if you are a SAHMWN reading this right now.  And if you are willing to take my family on vacation with you.  To St. Tropez.  On your dime.  Yes, we can be best friends.

Back to reality…

Myself, I am searching out work as a tutor, waitress/bartender and, if I keep at this long enough, hopefully as a blogger.  I have friends tutoring, working retail, multiple moms selling jewelry with online companies and ‘parties’ and even a mom who has come up with a unique idea for ‘parties’ that is still Top Secret.  (Hint: It’s a pretty spectacular idea.  Okay, that’s more a compliment than a hint.  I already told you.  It is TOP SECRET!)

We are getting creative, people.  Very creative.  Watch out.

Because most of us are moms and would rather not deduct $15 an hour for a nanny from whatever we can pull in, all of these additional or  part-time money-making schemes are things you can do from home.  With the exception of the retail position – which is held by a friend who does not have kids.  And the waitress/bartender position – which is being sought after by Yours Truly because I am clearly out of my stinking mind…and because my husband could be home with the kids when he gets out of work.  The good man watches our kids for free.  It’s great.

The truth is, times are tight.  Even those of us who have a spouse who is pulling in decent money have still come to realize (read: been struck in the face with a cast iron frying pan called BILLS) that we need more money.

Diapers aren’t cheap.  Electricity isn’t cheap.  Pedicures aren’t cheap.  (If you have seen me in person in the last 2 years you knew that last one was a joke.)

So we have all become hustlas baaaaby and I juswantyoutoknow…

Here’s my card.

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