Birthdays ’round here

I would love to say that we stick to basic, old-school, birthdays in our household.  In a way, we do.  I mean, I have yet to shell out $1,500 to let Carlitos sleep over at a museum with friends and we certainly have never rented a pony or anything.  But, I also don’t necessarily stick to cone hats and balloons.

Yes, we usually just have it in our home, but I do still tend to go a little overboard.  A teeny bit.  Sometimes.

Okay, okay, I totally give each food item a “Themed Title.”  Railroad Tracks (pretzels) or Safari Salad (uh, salad) anyone?

In any event, we just celebrated Xavi’s 4 month birthday, which included the most delicious cake I have ever created.  It was my first ice cream cake.  I’m in love.


Chocolate ice cream

Chocolate wafer cookies

Ciao Bella Lemon Zest Sorbet

Giant Brownie

Ciao Bella Blood Orange Sorbet

Chocolate wafer cookies

Chocolate ice cream

Oh. Dear. God.

(This picture truly does not do it justice, but just so you get the general idea.  It was so, so pretty when you sliced into it…but I didn’t think to take a picture of that.)

We ate the whole thing in two days.  Just the three of us.  Yes, even my ice cream hatin’ husband totally snuck a big slice one night after I was in bed.  This has NEVER happened before.  I usually have a hard time forcing him to eat even a bite of any dessert.

And this magical cake inspired Carlitos to make up a Haiku.  I kid you not, I overheard him say these words while eating his cake.  I thought the rhythm sounded familiar, so I counted out the syllables and sure enough, my son had spoken his first Haiku.



I love ice cream cake

This cake is tasty,  mommy

I can eat more cake


So this cake taught me three things:

1.  My son has a future in poetry.

2.  There is a dessert that can create a weakness in my husband similar to my own. (i.e. sneaking cake when nobody is looking)

3.  I can NOT be left in a home that has ice cream cake in the freezer with no other adult supervision.  My weakness is still enormously greater than my husband’s.  I succumbed.  The cake disappeared.

And now I am planning the next birthday celebration –  Carlitos’ third birthday party.  I can’t comprehend how the infant I held in my arms two seconds ago is turning three, but the calendar says it’s so.  The least I can do is throw him a party. I am sure the party will be Dino-mite for mister Carlitos-saurus (hint, hint) and off we go to Michael’s and Party City to ensure that it is…

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