Of Technology and Romance. A TechRom, If You Will.

I got hacked into yesterday.
They got into my Facebook, email and Twitter accounts.  I had to change each password like four times because they kept getting in.  You know how they got me?  This crazy thing called “phishing.”  Well, it was crazy to me, anyway.  But I looked it up and then told my husband what happened and what it is called. (Thinking I was helping him understand.)
He put his face in his hands and said “You’re kidding me, right?”  I thought he was just upset about all of the information we were going to have to check, secure and change.  But no.  He said, “You know you aren’t 70 years old, right?  C’mon, Annie.  Everyone knows what phishing is…and has known for over a decade.  Where have you been?”
Uh, intentionally hiding under a rock until this whole “technology thing” blew over.
But it hasn’t.  So I have come out of hiding and it is friggin’ scary out here.
In any event, in securing my email account, I came across some old emails.  Some were frightening, some hilarious.  This one is a bit of both.
Backstory:  This is between my current husband and I, back when we were on a “dating break.”  I know, I know.  We shouldn’t have been emailing during a “break.”  Like you haven’t done it.

Current Husband, Who Was Then ‘Boyfriend On A Break’ (To be referred to from now on as ‘BOAB’):
So I just wanted to write you a quick email about the motorcylce that you are going to buy me. You know, so you can start saving now.
Secret Name
P.S.- It only costs $65,000 and it comes with a free weekend in New Orleans (including airfare). You just can’t beat that.


cool.  i’ll start saving.
should i send you a picture of the x5 you are gonna buy me for that
much or the rock?
i have to say, i’m excited about new orleans!  (you would bring me
seeing as i bought you the bike, right?)
love, annie
p.s.  i have a mud mask on…bet you’re jealous. 


I thought you ditched the X5 idea. I also remember you saying something
about love not being able to be measured by diamonds and that you would
rather get a tattoo ring than a real one. You probably don’t remember
saying that but you did. Queen Helen branded masks have come out with
many different types. I’m heading to CVS after work to pick them up. So
no, no I’m not jealous


wow. so you’re the only one who gets to have any fun??

i might possibly remember saying i had ditched the x5 idea but i
certainly don’t remember the tattoo ring.  you crazy boo.  that said,
i don’t actually need a 65,000 dollar ring to know i’m loved i just
thought i would be nice and give you something to save for since i now
have something…

anyway, i am not as computer savvy as you and wasn’t able to put
either picture into an email

p.s. i have to agree that motorcycle is hot.


It’s so sad that you thought that you were allowed to have fun too. I

feel partly responsible for that.  Can you finance rings? Cause I’m in trouble if not.

you have time….that’s why it’s called ‘saving for’  and not ‘buying now’

did you think i was gonna buy you that bike tomorrow??


Is it wrong that I was hoping for it?


yes. why? were you planning on buying the car tomorrow?


No but I want the bike more than you want the car. Luckily you didn’t

say the ring because I couldn’t make the same argument.




and true.


you know what would be really cool?  if you were driving on that
really nice motorcycle and your woman was on the back and everyone
could see this pretty shiny thing glisten on her finger as another
pretty shiny thing drove by (your bike).  man, then any men and women
you passed would be jealous!  damn.  (not to mention the skull and cross bones on the helmet)

p.s. please understand i am just playing along and not hinting at you
buying me an engagement ring any time soon!! ( or ever maybe).   no


I’m not freaking and I’m aware that you’re just playing along. Anyways,
here’s the other motorcycle:

It is less than the other bike (about $50,000 less) and it is cool too.
Unfortunately it doesn’t come with the trip to New Orleans so it might
not be worth it. By the way, all you have to do is copy the web address
and paste it on the email to get someone to be able to see a picture
(well they’ll have to click on the link first).


Also this bike is a limited edition for 2006 and probably won’t be made
after that so you should really start thinking about this soon.




the first one had the picture IN the email though…..HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!?!?!?

like i said last night…i think we could afford a trip to new orleans
with an extra $50,000.
i like the yacht trip around the world idea personally.


ooohhhhhh…a ducati!!!   even i know that is cool. (plus, you know,
i’ve been to the…wait, what was that? oh yeah, the factory and

here’s mine:

i sent the rocl one seperately.
happy saving!!!


Here are the details of the actual car…

2006 530i Sedan         $46,500
Destination Charge      $695

Titanium Silver Metallic

Anthracite Maple Wood Trim

Premium Sound Package
Front Comfort Seats
BMW On-Board Navigation System
Star Spoke 89
Leather Selector Lever w/Wood Inlay
Leather/Wood Gear Shift Knob
Finance Options
Down Payment    $
Estimated Trade-in Value        $

Total MSRP              $56,099

The Build Your BMW experience is in ongoing development and expansion.
Actual prices and available options are subject to change and may vary
from the Summary page listing.
All the illustrations and specifications contained in this Web site
are based on the latest product information available at the time of
posting. BMW of North America, LLC reserves the right to make changes
at any time, without notice, to any content, including, but not
limited to, in colors, materials, and equipment.
All figures presented are estimates only. Actual selling price may
vary. These estimators are not advertisements or solicitations for
specific price or credit terms and actual credit terms may vary.
Please see your BMW Center for details.


Things you may have learned from this ’05 email exchange:

1.  We were not very good at being broken up.

2.  My husband likes mud masks.

3.  I am being honest when I say I am not cut out for technology. Did you notice that the link I tried to create for a diamond engagement ring doesn’t actually work?  And I finally gave up on the car link – I just copied and pasted the ENTIRE description (I totally cut out like half of it on here for your benefit.) I certainly wasn’t able to figure out how to get the picture INSIDE of the email. That would have surely involved magic wands and leprechons, what with all of that copying of the picture, carrying it through outer space and then redrawing it on my email page and all.

4.  I have been to the Ducati factory and museum in Italy.  He wishes he had gone there.

5.  He clearly had a fear of marriage, hence my apparent need to pause the flirty banter in order to assure him I was not asking him to propose to me…while on a break.

6.  We are both huge dorks and obviously meant for each other.

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