Mount Everest, Baby! (Part I)

(Part II to come…)

Motherhood and relationships, much like life in general, are made up of peaks and valleys.

Well, Wednesday evening through Thursday night was a serious peak.  Like, Mount Everest height.

For dinner on Wednesday, I recreated the Five Napkin Burger that we had for brunch on Sunday. First, I made Carlitos his requested meal: peanut butter and jelly.  Sure thing, buddy!  More steak burgers for us.  Then, I ground up some sirloin steak, mixed with salt,pepper, Mrs. Dash and garlic and made two huge burger patties.  I caramelized a BIG yellow onion, mixed mayo with a little bit of dijon mustard and whole lot of fresh rosemary for the ‘rosemary aoli,’ and sliced up some gruyere cheese.  Best of all, I slightly toasted some Eli Zabar brioche buns (with no sesame seeds, thank you).  Throw some arugula salad on the side with my mom’s famous French vinaigrette, and you have this:

I’m sorry to brag, but it was sooooo delicious!  And I’m hoping it reminded my husband that he is happy I am his wife. C’mon, it wasn’t even a weekend night!

For dessert we had the best sorbet ever, i.e. Ciao Bella Gelato/Sorbet in Campari Grapefruit and Blackberry Cabernet.  The flavors are so good that even my ‘I refuse to ever separate any flavors or food on my plate’ husband asked for two separate bowls, so as not to have either flavor influence the other.  Yup, that good.

Oh, and a bottle of Chianti to go with all of this…while we caught up on the last season of The Office.  It was a pretty stellar night.

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