Carlitos! Stop eating your brother this instant!

There are lots of things about pregnancy that you conveniently ‘forget’ about: not being able to lay flat on your back, the indigestion, those tendons that feel like they are ripping to shreds, having to pass up good (read: French/unpasteurized) cheese…oh, and that labor pain.  I am assuming that this type of  ‘pregnancy amnesia’ is  Mother Nature’s ways of ensuring that women ever sign on for babies #2-19 (that’s her official count now, isn’t it? You know who I’m talking about.).

However, I personally also forgot about one of my favorite things about being pregnant: the weekly fruit and vegetable comparisons! I don’t know about you, but I loved being able to explain to family, friends, and strangers that my baby was the size of a blueberry…or wait, is it Monday? Oooooh! He just turned into a raspberry!

Then come the veggies. So far my baby has apparently been comparable in size to zucchini, eggplant, cauliflower and a small head of cabbage.  I wish more of the lists used a rutabaga in there somewhere.  I think it would have been cool to tell people my bundle of joy resembled a rutabaga.

And then  my absolute  favorite one comes at the very end…yes, if you read most pregnancy books, websites or even iphone apps, around month 8 or 9 they will suddenly tell you that your baby is the size of….da duh da daaaaa…a WATERMELON!

While this particular site –  Baby size food slide show – actually ends with pumpkin, not watermelon,  I still  really wish I had come across it earlier, as I would have been showing it to anyone and everyone throughout my pregnancy.  I guess it’s not really too late: please picture me sitting here typing this right now with that pumpkin (or a full size watermelon) in my stomach.

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2 Responses to Carlitos! Stop eating your brother this instant!

  1. Amy says:

    It’s the best IPhone app….Baby Ebeid is the size of a honeydew 🙂 When he/she was the size of a butternut squash, Edmond said, “Well, that’s good…you love squash!” So funny 🙂 Congrats on your watermelon!

  2. Amanda Huie says:

    Love the blog and LOVE LOVE the pics. You are *almost* making me want another baby. I bet seeing the newborn pics will push me over the edge!

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