Just one of those days

One of those fabulous days, that is.  I LOVE days like today.  We started with brunch at Bubby’s in Dumbo, Brooklyn.  They have such fabulous food and this really cozy, beachy, yet elegant atmosphere.   There is also a photo booth in the back, where we took photos of our little family of four and then we treated my parents to photos with their grandkids.  (Yes, that $3 was the least we could do after they treated us to this amazing brunch that included watermelon mimosas.  Hello!!  Watermelon + Champagne = The most refreshing and delicious thing ever)

Then we walked across the street to a playground, where Carlitos had the time of his life playing with his Daddy and Papi.  Wow, his dream come true.  He also attempted to throw some water balloons at us, but he just kept popping them on himself. Thankfully, I must say, since his baby brother would have been in the direct line of fire.  But here he is, dry and peaceful with his Grammy.  Yes, thank goodness for the lack of water balloon skills in a 2-year-old.

Next was The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, which I have to say was worth the long line.  Creamy, simple, and not over-priced, like many ice cream stores these days.  Although I couldn’t really enjoy my ice cream in peace because Carlitos got Peaches n’ Cream and the entire time I just kept singing that song by 112 over and over in my head.

We walked back over to the playground/park area and sat in the shade while my husband and Carlitos played soccer.  Carlitos was at soccer camp all week so this was his chance to show off his new skills.  I have to say, I was impressed.  He started off the week carrying the ball around in his hands so much that I really thought I should have invested in basketball camp instead of soccer camp.  Today, after five days of camp, he was dribbling the ball and shooting it through his dad’s legs.  Wow.

So, two things.  One, isn’t that view amazing?  So amazing, in fact, that many people use it for their wedding backdrop.  We saw three weddings take place in the two hours that we were there!  And two, isn’t that hat amazing?  That is one dapper little boy in his jaunty cap.

Yes, today was just a peaceful, blissful, fun-filled day.  I love days like today.  The end.

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