Vive La France! ¡Viva Mexico!

As I mention in my About Me page, while I am allll about professing my weaknesses, mishaps, embarrassing moments, and general REAL experiences as a mom in this crazy thing we call life, I am not above admitting that I am always striving to ‘do it all.’  Well, last night falls into that category and I am pretty darn proud of myself for my valiant effort.

My husband really wanted to watch the France vs. Mexico World Cup match last night and requested some buffalo wings for this event.  Well, here is what he got instead:

Okay, so the presentation could have used a little work, but I am hoping that he was wowed by the sheer quantity I prepared with babies in tow and therefore missed the weird char marks on the dip dish.  We have buffalo wings, celery, carrots, blue cheese (shut it, you freaky ‘Ranch Dressing’ dippers), artichoke/spinach dip, falafal with ginger dressing, French cheeses with baguette, hearts of palm with a butter, lemon, thyme sauce and the icing?  Dos Equis and Kronenbourg beer. (Get it?)  Dessert was toasted baguette with Nutella and sliced strawberries, a fresh berry crumble and queso fresco with guava paste.  I’d marry me.  I’m just sayin’…

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