Oh, Didn’t See You There!

The other day I caught myself burping John Xavier to the rhythm of a song.  Just to clarify, I was not burping the words ‘John Xavier’ to the rhythm of a song.  In fact, I can not actually burp…unless I am pregnant.  (Which makes it really funny to me any time I burp while pregnant, by the way.  “HaHa! Did you hear that?  I burped!”  “Yes, Annie, I heard it.  You do realize burping is not supposed to be humorous unless you are a 12-year-old boy, right?”  “Oh my God! I did it again! HaHaHa”)  No, what I was doing was patting him on the back to burp him like he was my own personal conga drum. The worst part?  Here are the lyrics that go along with the rhythm to which I was patting his back: “Oh! I wanna dance with somebody. I wanna feel the HEAT with somebody. With somebody who loves me. Somebody WHOOOO.  Somebody WHOOOO.”  Recognize it? Whitney Houston circa cassette tapes.  I must have been listening to the 80’s Hits station earlier in the day or something.  Anyway, it was one of those moments where you look around to see if anyone else saw and laugh a little to yourself.   It is kind of like when you trip when nobody is around – somehow almost more embarrassing than when people are around (yes, I trip a lot).  But not as bad as when you think nobody is there, react accordingly, and then realize someone is there.

Or, the funniest scenario of them all is to just forget someone is there.  I do that all the time when I am in the car with my husband.  I always sing along with almost every song that comes on the radio, but I guess I usually do it in more of a fun, haphazard way.  Except, sometimes I completely forget that anyone else is in the car and start really singing.  The truth is, I can not really tell the difference myself and definitely do not notice when I do it.  However, my husband seems to know me even better than I know myself and has always been able to pinpoint the exact moment that my ‘singing along’ changes into ‘thinking I am Mariah Carey.’  He will look over at me and say, with a smirk, “Forgot I was here, didn’t ya?”

At least John Xavier can’t talk yet so he wasn’t able to be a wise-arse like his daddy.

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