I’d Rather Just Know What’s New With YOU

I distinctly remember smiling last night as I thought of two excellent blog post ideas.  Things I really wanted to talk about and that would be fun to write. Once I got Xavi down for his nap today, I rushed to the computer…and realized I had no recollection of either topic.  Zilch.  Why I thought I could keep two complete thoughts in my head all night with ‘thyroid/pregnancy/moving/mom brain’ is beyond me.  Frankly, I’d like to wipe that smile off my face.

Of course, it shouldn’t have been so long since my last post anyway.  But you know me, I am nothing if not full of excuses!  Wait – that sounds horrible.  Oh well, I admit that it’s true.  It has been a long month and a half since our move.  There was packing, moving, helping the boys adjust, and so much work being done on the house.  It is all cosmetic, but it is still taking way more time than I imagined.  (I think I heard from one or 6 thousand people that remodeling a home will always take longer and cost more than was planned.  Turns out, they were correct.  Hate that.)  I would really just be happy if we could use our kitchen. My stomach can’t handle another bagel or muffin.  Neither can my chins.

And also if there were only, say, five shades of a light neutral with green undertones to choose from, rather than five hundred.  That would be cool.

First world problems aside, it has been fun gardening, letting the boys run around their yard and play on their new swing set (!!!), swimming at the town pool and using paint fumes as an excuse to go spend lots of time visiting the grandparents…who happen to each live at the beach.

I am also having a serious struggle with time right now, amidst all of this chaos.  I want it to speed up: I can’t wait to hold this baby in my arms instead of on top of my bladder, my fantasies currently consist solely of making steel cut oats, soaking beans, blending breakfast smoothies,  and roasting vegetables, and I keep having urges to go for a run or dip into a kickboxing class.  But I also want it to slow down: Carlitos is about to be in first grade and Xavi in his first year of preschool and these are the final months of my final pregnancy.  I want to savor the next few weeks and months.  Not to mention, my crows feet have been much more noticeable lately, so it would be great if time could slow down on a larger scale also, please.  I mean, if you’re listening, Father Time.  (Who am I kidding?  He’s not going to sympathize with a few eye wrinkles.)

Honestly, I have just been trying to manage this home remodel, be a decent mom and wife, and keep my weight out of the 500s.  I’m scraping by, guys.  Which has left very little time for much on the friendship front beyond texts and emails.  I guess it’s good I have less friends than ever, eh? (No, it isn’t a technical error that the link took you to Huffington Post.  Yes, I am still pretty giddy about it.)

That is pretty much the extent of check-in I can handle right now.  You totally got more time from me than anyone else has received in the past two months, so don’t start ya whining.

Here is a better idea, anyhow: Why don’t you share how YOUR end of summer is going?  In all honesty, that would make me* day.

*Despite appearances, I do actually proofread posts before putting them up.  So, I did see that I wrote ‘me’ instead of ‘my’ but I think it is due to the lengthy intro I wrote in complete pirate lingo for Carlitos’ upcoming birthday party.  My brain hasn’t stopped speaking Pirate since I wrote it.  Which means it was an organic mistake representative of me in this moment and not a typo.  Which means it stays.  If you don’t like it, yar probably a son of a biscuit eater.  Don’t make me give ye a taste of the cat!

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6 Responses to I’d Rather Just Know What’s New With YOU

  1. Laura says:

    We also bought a house and moved. We also tackled a couple of cosmetic home-improvement tasks. Turns out that sometimes weird cosmetic things are actually structural problems. So true what they say about home remodeling projects, you are right. Enjoy the tail end of summer, and the start of fall!!

  2. Laura – Congrats! You are out in Portland, right? Or Seattle? Somewhere hip in the northwest? 😉 And yes, plenty of rooms that we thought were ‘just throw some paint at it’…turned out to be way more. :/ The fake wood, fabric and stone paneling covering every room in the downstairs didn’t help.
    This is such a bittersweet time of year, isn’t it? The weather always feels…poignant or something. I hope you are enjoying it out there, too!

  3. Monica says:

    It’s been a good summer. We joined the neighborhood pool finally and love it. Between that and starting at the elementary school, I finally feel like I’m part of the community. I’ve been offered more work, which is exciting and scary. Still not sure what I want to be when I grow up. 🙂

  4. Monica – Sorry it took a minute to respond, but I was busy reading an article on your husband! Goodness gracious! I always suspected you guys were truly the Perfect Parents and now I see my radar was good! 😉
    Do you mean A starting elementary or are you working there also? Either way, YES, school is the beginning of ‘belonging’ in the parental world it seems. Better than the loneliness that can accompany mothers of littles, am I right???
    Funny – I’m not sure of that either! I think you are on the right path at the very least though. Hope your new job offer relates to your amazing nutrition skills! 🙂

  5. Nia says:

    Where to start? Well I have spent lots of time reading your blog (love it btw; and I’m not even a mommy). I’m still cooking, though not as much as I would like, but I’m catering my first wedding this weekend. I’m a little (a lot) nervous, but I think I can handle it (I’m sure I’ll have a meltdown via Facebook sometime in the near future). Nothing particularly special going on, but since I just turned 21 in June I’m trying my hand at wines.

  6. Nia – I get so excited when I hear that my readership is NOT just mommies! So cool. I bet not many bloggers get to say their old students make up part of their audience. 🙂

    How did the wedding go?! Catering a wedding is a HUGE deal, Nia! Geez! Did you have any help or did you do it solo? How many guests? What did you cook? (I believe I saw that you spent over 9 hours cleaning greens at one point so I am guessing they were on the menu?) 😉 I am very impressed!

    A chef who truly knows wines will be a huge asset to any catering company or restaurant. OR, even better, will help you with the success of your own business! Very proud of you, Nia and thank you for commenting on here. xo

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