Joining Clubs

2013.  This year has done it’s best to beat us down.  Well, actually, I guess cancer tried to beat us down.  Actually, to be more specific, Thyroid Cancer has really come at us with a vengeance.  Yes, the past couple weeks we have been dealing with a second case in the family and additional family members having biopsies done.  I can’t really speak much more about it because it is someone who is possibly even more private than my husband, but I can tell you it is someone we love an incredible amount.  I can tell you this is a club I wish we weren’t in together.  And I can tell you it is not fun to watch.  Also, I can tell you to PLEASE have your doctor check your thyroid at your next appointment!

Obviously, a baby is a blessing and a joy and a highlight in anyone’s life, but when one year is packed with cancer (which always brings it’s posse of pain, fear and sadness with it) a pregnancy during that same year feels even more special.  It is wonderful to have something exciting to focus on.  The special role this baby will always be able to claim as our bright light during a dark year will almost entirely eclipse the fact that their arrival will also turn Xavi into a Middle Child. (A scary thought, indeed)

So in the vein of focusing on this little ball of happiness in my tummy, I should let you know that all of the tubs and boxes of polo shirts, sweater vests, tuxedos, blue onesies and swim trunks we saved were worth it.


Or as the technician put it, “I guess daddy only makes little boys!”

To be transparent, I had been hoping for a little girl.  However, when I really thought about why, the reasons were all somewhat shallow and vain.  I wanted to buy tutus.  I wanted to see what a female version of my husband and I would look like.  I wanted to see my husband melt.

But here’s the truth: 1.   I already have plenty of nieces and friends with baby girls for whom I can continue to buy tutus in every color of the rainbow decorated with every variety of glitter.  2.  My husband and I paid $2 twelve years ago at Dave and Buster’s to have a photo machine tell us what our future little girl would look like.  We had to name her Agnes.  Yikes.  3.  My husband melts over any baby, truth be told.  He especially melts over our babies.  I can’t imagine number three will be any different, no matter what the gender.

Plus, as everyone keeps reminding me, I get to be the queen and the princess.   Jewelry?  Flowers?  Spa treatments?  I never have to learn how to share! Bwahahahaha…

I also love the look of respect and admiration I get when I tell someone number three is also a boy.  I mean, not that I did anything spectacular or intentional to create all boys.   I didn’t really have a choice in the matter so I’m not sure I deserve any extra respect, but if you know me, you know I will certainly take it!  I especially love the look I get from other moms of all boys.  It’s like I just joined some special club.  Frankly, I am very excited to be a member.

But seriously?  Thank GOD we are about to live in a house with an arts and crafts room, a basement and a YARD.

And as I was at the ENT yesterday, watching him put a scope up Carlitos’ nostrils to see if a foreign body was the cause of all of his green mocos, while simultaneously preventing Xavi from flipping backwards off his chair as he focused more on his new truck, rather than where the seat ended and the fall to the floor began, I made a mental note to practice driving the route from our new home to the nearest hospital.

I also reminded myself that I am the luckiest mom in the world.   We’re ready for you baby boy #3!  (Well, except for that whole ‘name’ thing, obviously.  I’m sure* we’ll find the perfect name in time.)

*Almost sure.

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9 Responses to Joining Clubs

  1. Zoë says:

    So sorry about your family member. Hope treatment goes smoothly for him/her and is as minimal as possible.

    And baby boy #3 might end up in a tutu regardless of his gender. Rafa loves his tutu!

  2. Zoe – Thank you. I hope so too! It’s no fun to be on this end of it!

    And you are absolutely correct about the tutus! 😉

  3. Shannon says:

    Wahooo!!! Great news…and yes, great news in a wild ride of a year..better than great news- stellar news 🙂 You and your husband make gorgeous babies period. Big virtual hug and congrats! So sorry to hear about the other family member..thoughts and prayers, prayers and thoughts…

  4. Shannon –

    Thanks! And thanks!

    And yes, thoughts and prayers are definitely appreciated and warranted!

  5. Nichola says:

    ANOTHER BOY!!! YAY!!! So excited for you! I’ll be thinking of you in light of this happy news as well as the scary news. The twists and turns of life can be so bittersweet.

  6. Crissy says:

    I feel the excitement from your words! Congratulations on the newest addition. My thoughts for that family member. He/she will kick cancer’s butt like you did!!

  7. Nichola –

    Thank you! Yes, the deeper into life we go, the more I find it to be constantly bittersweet. You have described it exactly right.

  8. Crissy –

    Thank you! Yes, we are super excited!

    And thank you. I am sure they will kick it even harder than I did!

  9. Penny says:

    Very exciting news about boy #3!!! That is a bad-ass Momma club indeed! John’s brother has three sons, and they are a constant source of pride and delight (and, ok, bewilderment too). So happy for you all!

    And at the same time very sad to hear the news of more cancer – more F*ing Cancer – in your family. All our love to everyone. xo

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