Sandy Isn’t Over Yet

Tragedy occurs every single day, all over the world.  Horrible atrocities.  Crimes that shock us.  Violence against innocents that makes your stomach turn.  Natural disasters that wipe towns, cities and islands off the map.  Injustices that we never even hear about because they don’t make the news.

It’s all unfair.  All of it.  I think most of us would solve all of it if it was possible.  World Peace.  End Hunger.  Stop Abuse.

I wish.  I truly wish.

Even if it’s not quite just, the truth is that we often pay the most attention to the tragedies that relate to us, whether that means a connection through gender, race, ethnicity, similar personal experiences…or geography.

Right now our neighbors are suffering.  I feel a responsibility to do my small part to keep the conversation going about Sandy devastation until at the very least people have some sort of shelter, heat and consistent food.  Please understand that it is quite literally freezing here at this point.  People are so desperate for warmth and food that there isn’t even any mind being paid to the typical regulations on donations.  Usually it is difficult to donate anything anywhere these days unless it is unopened.

Organizations are currently accepting as many hot, home-cooked meals as they can get their hands on.  One location gladly took three used blankets from the back of our car – they still had pieces of grass on them from our last camping trip.  I was allowed to drop off a giant trash bag’s worth of clean, but definitely used, towels this weekend.

People might assume that because New York and New Jersey are relatively wealthy states in a relatively wealthy country, people must be okay.

They are not okay.

A natural disaster of this proportions doesn’t care where in the world you are or how much money is in your bank account.  And no matter how organized and well-financed government aid or other large programs are, it is impossible to ‘fix’ destruction in a week.

I know many of us are working with tight budgets these days, especially at this time of year.  If you are able to help any of the efforts listed below in any way I assure you someone will be better off for it.

And thankful.

Amazon Registry – Coney Island, Brooklyn

* Amazon Registry – Breezy Point/Rockaways, Brooklyn

* Amazon Registry – Staten Island

* Amazon Registry – Long Island

* Donation/Volunteer Information for Brooklyn and the LES, Manhattan

* Well-known Organizations in Need of Donations for Sandy Relief

* Staten Island Donation and Volunteer Updates and Requests

* To Give Blood

* Red Hook, Brooklyn’s Needs

* Wide Variety of NYC Service Options

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2 Responses to Sandy Isn’t Over Yet

  1. Julie says:

    Thanks for reminding us and listing places to help.
    I just read Doctors Without Borders set up in
    The Rockaways. I need to educate myself on what
    FEMA and the Red Cross typically are prepared to do
    In disasters. I don’t think I really understand their roles
    And limitations. Eye opening.

  2. Julie – Thanks for commenting here and also for reminding all of us to stay as informed as possible.

    Things are still, 12 days later, pretty bad here.

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