The Hired Help…For Free

We are visiting my parents this weekend with a special added bonus:  my in-laws are here, too.  Pretty neat, huh?

Yes, we are in a very fortunate situation where my parents and my in-laws get along wonderfully.  Like, they visit each other even when we aren’t around.  Even though they live nine hours away from each other.

This weekend, though, we are here.  And it is fantastic.  It’s fantastic for all of the obvious reasons, like how much we love our parents and love having our kids spend time with them.  But it is also fantastic in that I get to pretty much be the most hands-off mom imaginable.  (Which, as all moms know, is never completely hands-off, but still…)  As it is, I don’t really have much responsibility on weekends.  My husband basically does all of the diapers, showering, changing, bedtime reading, disciplining and nap times on the weekends.  But with TWO of our three sets of grandparents here this weekend?!  I am made in the shade.

It’s pretty awesome to just kind of be around for all of the fun, beautiful moments but not have to do the heavy lifting.  I’m not saying that I don’t change a single diaper or wrap a towel around a shivering boy or make my little baby a sandwich.  I do those things, but I could easily ask someone else to step in and help if I don’t feel like it.  And I can easily just go to the bathroom whenever I feel like it, knowing that someone else can keep an eye on the boys.   Showering?  Oh, it happens every day when we are here, rather than twice a week.   Carlitos wants to play ‘Go Fish!’ six times in a row?  Grammmmmy!  Papppppi! Xavi has snot coming out of his nose?  Mima?  Lito? Could you grab a tissue and just…yeah…right there…his nose…yeah….thanks!

The fun without the difficult?  The good without the bad?  This is pretty nice, folks.

Now, if I could just convince everyone to move in with us…

(Sorry for such a short post, but I have other important things to tend to like my children reading the May issue of Real Simple, the February issue of New York Magazine and a book I ordered from Amazon last Christmas.  And maybe even having a glass of wine before 5:00 pm.)

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