Xavi.  My darling, darling Xavi.

He certainly offers me a different set of challenges than the trials I experienced with Carlitos at his age. But dang if that kid doesn’t also bring a variety of clever, goofy, humor to the table that is as unique and loveable as he is.

And then sometimes he reminds me that he is simply a 2-year-old, figuring out the world one shoe in the sink at a time.

Right now he seems to be focusing on clarifying everything.  Not just the clarification of his likes and dislikes.  He has been making it abundantly clear for a long time now that he likes balls and dislikes sitting still.  We have been sufficiently informed.  Every day.

No, I am talking about a more technical type of clarification.  Verbal specification at every turn. A typical conversation these days goes something like this:

You? (points to me) Me? (points to himself)

Yes, that’s right Xavi.

You mommy.  You mommy right der. Daddy right der.  Carlitos right der.  (pointing, pointing, pointing)

Yes, Xavi.

Mommy, I want snack.  Mommy, I want snack, I said.

Okay, Xavi.  I heard you.


Yes, Xavi?

I love Mommy, right der.

Aww, Xavi, thank y-

Mommy, I want snack, I SAID!

Time Out, Xavi.

Alright, so the words of clarity are cute and all but that still doesn’t mean he is allowed to yell at his mama.

Other than some Time Outs here and there, watching this little guy figure out the world around him is pretty fun.  Hearing him think things through aloud as he begins to understand the difference between ‘you’ and ‘me’ and discusses who or what is ‘right der’ versus ‘right here’ reminds me of the brevity of his time on earth so far.

Sometimes, while pushing through the rush of the day-to-day business of raising kids you can forget just how little they are.  How much they have yet to learn.  How much they have yet to grow.  How much joy and pain and love and sadness and life they have yet to experience.

The little things. The little things they are still learning at this age can almost get lost in the shuffle of play dates, cooking dinners and brushing teeth.  When he first started saying ‘right der’ or ‘I said’ following his statements we just giggled.  I mean, it seriously is the cutest thing.  Another stage.  Another fleeting, quirky moment of childhood that can pass you by in a heartbeat, as the next adorable ‘thing’ comes around the corner.

They suddenly give high fives to everyone, eat their pizza upside down, say ‘Look at me!’ after every (attempted) somersault.

The cuteness doesn’t really slow down at this age long enough for us to truly document it all. (Even if we try our damnedest on Facebook and Instagram.)  And it also sometimes comes too fast for us to take note of what it really means.

This one finally made me pause.

Xavi is investigating and interpreting the whole world.  Putting it all together, piece by piece.  When I remember to stop the daily grind for a moment and experience this with him it can kind of blow my mind.

And it reminds me that they are just these little buds.  These little buds, freshly pushed through and still nestling in their protective leaves.  Clean slates, ready to be taught, to absorb whatever you say to them, put in front of them, share with them.

That little ‘right der’ is pretty overwhelming when I think of it that way.

But it is also downright inspiring and exciting: we have SO MUCH to teach this little being.  Luckily, it is the kind of challenge I’m up for.

It also still makes me giggle.  Because sometimes, cute is just cute.  And that is alright, too.

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2 Responses to Clarity

  1. I am really struggling with my little guy right now. This post puts it into context: they are figuring out the world. Awesome post!

  2. Erin -Thanks! It is SUPER tough (for me, anyway) to remember in the moment most times. But I am trying…always, always trying. 😉

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