Cape Cod Swallowed Me Whole

We just came back from about ten days on Cape Cod, visiting my parents.   Other than a few Facebook updates (a good hundred less than usual) and some Instagram posts, I was relatively technology-free while we were there.  Okay.  Lies.  I posted a lot of Instagram photos, but still.  For the most part I tried to be ‘in the moment’ during this vacation.  It turns out, that kind of vacationing leaves you without any blog posts.

I will be back to my regular awkward combination of snarky and sappy writing in a couple days, but I really want to have all of the photos from this past week in one place for the boys to see someday.  In other words, please bear with me as I create a very photo-heavy blog post.  Also, please note: Just because I have my kids in mind while creating this post does NOT mean I wouldn’t still love to read comments from you below.  I would.  Always.

Here goes…

Stopping for dinner on our way there.  I would like to point out that while having kids who love soup is all cool and brag-worthy in theory, it doesn’t always play out so well in reality.  Or on our laundry bills.

Are you really taking pictures of us in a Panera, Mommy? New low, eh?

First order of business upon arrival: Summer haircut at the barber.  To be clear, I requested the complex action of  ‘Smile!’ for this photo, not ‘Make that weird face Dillon always made on 90210!’

Oh, yes, much better.  Exactly what I was looking for, Carlitos.  Should I be concerned that ‘Smile!’ is such a tricky command?

Second order of business? The flag ceremony.  Not so…ceremonious yet.  Maybe when they’re older.  Carlitos’ salute is improving, however.

The boys’ Papi got a shell fishing license so we all went clamming.  The scenery was unreal.  Like, 314 photos unreal.

Showing me his clam measuring tool.  Which inspired one of his favorite phrases, “Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh.”

The measuring tool was only used on clams.  Honest.

The fact that all clamming tools still exactly the same as they did 100 years ago makes it kind of dreamy.

There were THOUSANDS of Fiddler Crabs running around the clam flats.  Their single, giant claw was clearly shocking to Xavi.

Pretty much instant gratification.  Which is (almost) always a good thing.

Not allowed to eat raw clams yet.  Awww, sad face.  Actually, wait a minute, we aren’t allowed to eat lunch naked sooo…I think we’re even.

Xavi is waiting under the table until the puzzle has come to it’s full round (ball-like) formation so he can attempt to throw it.  And piss off his brother.

I’m totally kidding.  Xavi was actually hanging out in a bucket.

C:  Xavi, must I explain to you yet again that sharing means nothing if it is not done with even the semblance of equality of shared parts?  Scoot!

X: This cracker is soooooo yummy.  Life is good.

They’ll be sorry they ever made fun of my robust core.  Although, on second thought, maybe I should wait until after the sandwiches are handed out to escape…

Dude, how do you expect anyone to believe you are a pirate and hand over all of their gold?  You don’t have a parrot, wooden leg or a hook…and your eye patch is crooked.  Pull it together, man.

At home, their fruit choices are apples or bananas.  Ice cream choices are vanilla, coconut or lemon.  If Grammy’s handing out juicy plums and berry popsicles, Xavi must be naked.  With a swim diaper.  Mom Law.

Baby brothers: They have your back.  And, you know, are the reason you should always watch your back.

Because as much as you want to be King of the Dirt Pile, I guarantee you your baby brother wants it more.

Ugh, c’mon Mom, saying ‘Ball!’ or ‘Ice Cream!’ in order to get me to look up at the camera and then not fulfilling your promise is getting really old.  Let me guess, Facebook? Pinterest? Twitter?  Instagram?  You gonna make my face look dusty gray and call yourself an artist?

An incredibly delicious breakfast place with a playground below and a small airport surrounding it?  Cape Cod is Parent Heaven.

Now that’s what size a $5 shake (ahem, frappe) should be!  Ya hear me NYC?!

Brothers ‘swimming’ together in the pond where I used to swim every summer at camp.  I love clamming, playing croquet, eating sundaes with real whipped cream, lobster rolls, sleeping in while the grandparents take care of the kids, fried clams, Ocean State Job Lot, drinking wine at 11 am and gin and tonics at 5 pm, and lifeguard chairs.

But watching my boys create memories together is definitely the best thing about Cape Cod.  No contest.

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10 Responses to Cape Cod Swallowed Me Whole

  1. Katy says:

    So awesome that you’ve blogged this. What great memories!!!

  2. Grammy says:

    The boys are a Blast!

  3. Julie says:

    Love this title !! Brilliant.

  4. I love to live vicariously through your Cape Cod photos! The are awesome!

  5. Lauren Sabonis says:

    Loved this post and all the pictures! Your blog makes me excited about having my own kids 🙂 You are such a good mommy!

  6. Thanks, Katy! I am sure you have some amazing sets of photos from MV summers, too! 🙂

  7. Grammy, with this I can not argue. Thanks for playing so much with them! Especially at 6am!!! 😉

  8. Julie, it really was true this time. None of us wanted to go home. 🙁

  9. Well, I have been living vicariously through your fabulous trips to Chicago and NYC lately (yes, even the NYC trip since the activities were so different from our day-to-day life here!) so we are even! 😉

  10. Lauren, thank you! That is very sweet. 🙂 I am sure you will be a fantastic mommy! Maybe our kids will even end up at Camp Favorite together someday…if I ever have any girls. 😉

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