Things That Make Me Feel Lucky (Hint: Dads)

I have actually written recently about my observations of the bond between my husband and his boys.  About what kind of father my kids have.  About the love I see the three of them have for each other. So, for Father’s Day, I figured I would ask the boys what they love most about their daddy.

To be honest, Xavi just looked at me and grinned while batting his eyelashes.   But let me say that when we hear the front door creak in the evening, as their daddy starts to open the door after work, Xavi’s eyes immediately become as wide as saucers and he grins even bigger than he did just now.


He adores his daddy.  Adores.

And why wouldn’t he?  Just today I watched as Xavi used his daddy as a springboard to jump off of into the sand over and over again, all the while smiling coquettishly at the two pretty, giggling girls next to us.

Daddy as Wing Man?  Check.

And who else knows exactly how to wrestle in a way that involves constant flips and body slams without ever getting hurt? Only daddy, let me tell you.  Any time mommy gets involved someone somehow takes a pillow to the eyeball almost immediately.

Daddy as (safer than mommy) Wrestlemania companion?  Check.

You know who secretly buys bags of gummy candy in all sorts of awful combinations like sour Angry Birds shapes or glow-in-the-dark ‘pizzas’ to share with Xavi?  Yeah, not mommy.

Daddy as partner in crime and Dentist Enemy Numero Uno?  Check.

Xavi may not have had much to say on the subject, but the light in his eyes when he’s in his daddy’s arms says it all.

Carlitos did tell me a few of his favorite things about his daddy:

He helps me learn about building fun stuff.

We play Leggos together and make cities.

He makes money to buy me toys.

He makes me feel loved and good.

On that note, I wish my husband a very Happy Father’s Day, because every day he makes it clear that he understands all of the effort it takes to not only be a father, but a daddy.  Sure, he provides for our kids, but he also plays with them, shares with them, disciplines them, changes them, and most importantly, spends as much time with them as humanly possible.

My kids are pretty darn lucky in the Dad Department.  And that makes me feel pretty darn lucky, too.

ps.  I am fortunate enough to have a pretty amazing father, also.  The kind that has supported and guided me always.  The kind that has made me feel loved.  The kind that was always cool and strict at the same time.  And the kind that I know my husband and kids love just as much as I do.  Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

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One Response to Things That Make Me Feel Lucky (Hint: Dads)

  1. Aww, Carlitos, that is so sweet!

    Also, glad to know that I am not the only mom who can’t hang in the rough house department!

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