What Two Looks Like: A Visual Documention of Our Life

For any visual readers out there, I wanted to show you what my day to day life looks like.  I should thank my hysterical, energetic, creative and charming son, Xavi, without whom, this post would not have been possible.

Without further ado, here is what the following activities look like in my house:

This is me making dinner:

Here I am stepping into the kitchen to call a friend about taking our kids to an event:

I tried to pee alone:

I tried to bring Xavi in to pee with me:

This is when I wrote a blog post before 8 pm:

Here is me trying to cook dinner again:

Here is me updating Facebook, Instagram or Twitter:

At my parents’ house I put in a load of laundry:

And here I am going into my bedroom to put on pants:

Age two: It is a special, special time.  That involves a lot of floor sweeping and body wiping.

And doesn’t involve a lot of pants wearing or peeing alone on my part.

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7 Responses to What Two Looks Like: A Visual Documention of Our Life

  1. Zoë says:

    Yeah, blame it on a 2-year-old. Nice, Annie! 🙂

    Rafa isn’t so much into the squeezing out of tubes or the dumping of small objects willy-nilly, its more the ravaging across the house like a barbarian and scaling the bookshelves in search of danger and excitement. Last night I was in and out of the living room while trying to clean the kitchen and Diego was attempting to entertain the kids, so I thought I was good. Plus, Rafa had the iPad in his lap (please stick with Buzzle, kid, and don’t go on the internet). I was literally washing a dish, coming back to check, washing another dish, etc.

    The first time I come in, he’s zombified. Yeah!
    The second time I come in, he’s got a screwdriver that he’s tapping on the iPad screen.
    The third time I come in, he’s got a pair of scissors that he’s attempting to cut the iPad with.
    OK–guess these dishes aren’t getting washed after all!

  2. Screwdriver?!?! Scissors?!?! hahahahaha

    Those were hidden under lock and key a year ago! Xavi once came out of the kitchen grinning, holding a GIANT serrated knife. FEAR.

    But seriously, I giggled really hard imagining Rafa trying to cut the ipad. That’s pretty awesome.

    Doesn’t it suck when TV shows don’t zombify as needed?!?! The worst.

  3. Mr. Will says:

    …and where was Carlitos during this photo shoot?

  4. Chances are, ‘reading’ or watching Dinosaur Train.

  5. Julie says:

    I think Carlitos was trying to imagine the nature of time and space or how the body’s circulation system works. Xavi is a Here and Now kinda guy. All bets are off though for how he will be as a 4 year old!

  6. My son and your son would raise holy hell together.

  7. Clarity says:

    […] certainly offers me a different set of challenges than the trials I experienced with Carlitos at his age. But dang if that kid doesn’t also […]

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