Little Miss Helpful

I like to bring a lot to my friends and family.  And really just to the world in general, you know?

I mean, I don’t teach full time anymore, so I have to  be a giver in other ways.

For my husband I do awesome things like offer to go pick up his dry cleaning.  And show up there with no money or credit cards.  Twice.  I am pretty sure he appreciated the gesture even though I came home empty handed both times.   Wearing the same work shirt for three days because all the rest were held hostage at the dry cleaners probably let him reminisce about his college days.  If he ever writes an autobiography I am pretty sure it will be things like this that come to mind when he wants to describe what a great life partner he chose.

My children are also super lucky to have me as their mom.  I do great things like steal their best Halloween candy, trick them into eating foods they don’t want to eat, help them get dressed and give them fun presents like books and socks.  Some day they will be the most well-adjusted, happy, confident and motivated self-starters ever.  They will thank me then.  I am sure of it.

For my friends I also do lots of amazing things.  Just today I made my 9 months pregnant friend wait 30 minutes at a restaurant for me while I was stuck underground waiting for the elusive and mysterious “G Train.”  (Turns out, if you wait for 3 or more F trains to pass, click your heels and pull on your left ear, the G train does finally magically appear!  It’s real!)  Granted, I could have given myself an extra 30 minutes to get there and not left exactly on time.  But I am sure she was grateful to have some time to herself for half an hour with aromas of delicious Cuban food wafting around her.  I know that’s how I would have felt when I was on the verge of giving birth.

As a daughter, I work hard to let my parents know that they are still an important part of my life.  I bring home plenty of laundry every time we visit and make sure the car’s gas light is on.  Sometimes they groan or show what seems like genuine concern (good acting, guys!) that perhaps I need to ‘get my act together.’  But I know that secretly their hearts are swelling with the warmth that comes from feeling needed.

Okay, okay, so wanting to give a lot to those around you doesn’t always mean you succeed.

But there is one area of my life where I think I am truly succeeding in giving to those around me.  It happens to be an area where I am not intentionally trying to be thoughtful.

The gym.

More specifically, the exercise classes at the gym.  I swear, I am the chubbiest woman in every single class I take.  You might think I am exaggerating, but I’m not.

A) I have tried multiple classes to see if it continues to remain true.  Kick boxing – check.  Stability Ball – check.  Step – check.  Pilates – check.  Zumba is still on my short list of classes to try, but I assume the situation will be the same.

B) There are at least 15 people in every class.

It kind of sucks.  For me, anyway.

I think it is pretty awesome for everyone else in the class, though.  I see them start to fade but then glance at me and start lifting those knees higher. I know what they’re thinking:

If chubs can still do her 20th roundhouse, I can too!

I am seriously considering asking the gym for a discount membership since I am helping to motivate so many of their clients.

Or at least a gold star. Or an inspirational poster. (Because I need some inspiration, too, guys!)  Or a tiara.

Just, something.

Something that I can show to my family and friends so that they see that I am not entirely unhelpful in all areas of my life.

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7 Responses to Little Miss Helpful

  1. SRD says:

    You are a great writer and friend. While I chuckled at this post, I just want to set the record straight that you are an awesome role model to all those moms/wives/women just trying to make it all work. I think that is what is motivating those gym ladies 🙂

  2. Nina says:

    Ditto to what SRD said, and trust me, I didn’t mind waiting. You are adorable and so good at all the things you do–and I guess most importantly, you still manage to laughe (at yourself!). Lunch was great and we should do it more often-you have no idea how much I appreciated getting out of the office.

  3. SRD – Thank you. You are too kind. As usual.
    I’m not so sure that is what they are thinking during class, but I will try to convince myself of it next time. 🙂

  4. Nina – I can definitely admit that I have the ability to laugh at myself. I kind of *have* to. 😉
    So glad you were/are so understanding about my tardiness. Speaking of adorable, you did NOT look 9 months pregnant! 🙂 xo

  5. Erin says:

    You are hilarious!

  6. RealMommyChron says:

    No, YOU are hilarious!!!!

  7. You always make me smile and laugh and you have MOST CERTAINLY been one of the most supportive people I’ve met since I started blogging. That certainly deserves a gold star. Or a margarita.

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