What Autumn Means to Me…

by Annie Horcasitas

My best friend’s name is Autumn, so this title could be interpreted several ways, but right now I am referring to the season.  You mean a lot to me too, Aut, if you’re reading this (which you SHOULD be, Supportive Best Friend!) but that will be a different post.

In any event, I LOVE Fall.  LOVE IT.

It makes me happy.  And nostalgic.  And hungry.

Most of all, everything done in Autumn feels somehow more meaningful.  Everything has the fuzzy glow of a memory in the making.

Here are some of the special memories we’ve made while celebrating the awesomeness of Fall this year…

Making date night more of a priority

Eating more meat while on dates

Ensuring that even nights at home feel like cozy date nights more often

Fitting in date night moments that sometimes don’t revolve around food and drink

(I REALLY wish I was allowed to post photos of my husband on here. )

And then we even make some non-date night memories! (What?!?  Yes!  It’s true)

We bake yummy things like carrot cake cookies!

We do arts and crafts and coloring and work books up the WAZOO. (While we wait for cookies to bake, of course)

Also, please pay no mind to random objects seen on the floor – apparently Fall does NOT mean regularly cleaning my home.

Aprons (or ‘eggplants,’ as Carlitos refers to them) are a big part of our Fall wardrobe.

Fall is also the perfect time for taking Hipstamatic photos.  They make everything seem special and instantly nostalgic.  Yes, even while it is still taking place.

This Hipstamatic print is of our newest cousin playing hockey…in Vermont.  Oh yes.  How very Fall.

What could possibly be more ‘Fall’ than hockey in Vermont?

Ohhhh, a cemetery in Vermont.  A really old cemetery in a quaint town…shot in Hipstamatic.

So Fall.

Gravestones from the 1800s.  With mountains on all sides.  Super Fall.

(As are plaid fleece and leather high tops.  And hooded sweatshirts.)

Perhaps one of the most Autumnal things you can do?

Break out the plaid, fleece, old-man pajamas….

and wear them all day long.

Because they make for a pretty fantastic visual for all of these Autumn memories we’re making…

Stay cozy, guys.  And please share YOUR favorite things to do in the Fall!

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