Funny Story…

I have an odd sense of humor.

At least, that’s what my husband tells me when I make very funny jokes about him and laugh hysterically.

He claims they are ‘insults.’  ‘Not funny.’  ‘Just plain weird.’

I say, obviously I am right and he is wrong.  Because I am the one writing this down.

Which makes it fact.

In any event, I just pulled open this here old blog and started laughing.  Because my last post was all about the dilemma of whether or not to choose to be a working mom or a stay at home mom.

And then two months of silence.

{crickets}  {crickets}

Can you tell which one I chose?

Yes, I am now the administrator of the new Upper East Side and Upper West Side locations of The Carousel of Languages, a foreign language program for young children in NYC.  I chose part time hours, but man oh manishevitz, life doesn’t feel like anything is ‘part time’ right now.  I feel like I am packing 37 hour days in 24…and that obviously doesn’t include those hours you are supposed to be *sleeping.*  (Honestly, who even does that anymore?  Sleep is soooooo 2009.  Tacky.)

So, here I am at a blogging conference, BlogHer ’11 out in San Diego, to be exact, and…oops, well, that’s embarrassing.

“Yeah, sure, here’s my card.  You should totally check out my blog.  I’m pretty sure my last entry was about a snowball fight.  In January.”

But I am happy I came.  Because I haven’t done anything officially important yet.  Like go to educational sessions.  Meet new people.  Learn how to use a camera.  But, I have done something personally important that I haven’t done in years.  Years.  Literally.

I spent the entire day by myself.

First there were two flights.  On the first one I finished a 500 page book.  No joke.  The dad next to me looked over and said, “Whoa.  You finished it, huh?”  “Yup, I haven’t read a book in 4 years.  I kind of devoured it.” He then avoided eye contact.

I walked into downtown San Diego when I got here.  Which has everything.  But is silent as a ghost town.  I love it.  Made friends with a local lady who showed me where the $2.50 wine is at Ralph’s.  Awesome.

Then I sat by the pool.

There really isn’t much more to that last part.  I did not do a single thing.  And it was bliss.

Wait.  That’s not really true. I did do something.  I took the obligatory ‘feet in front of drool-worthy tropical scene’ photo that everyone seems to post on Facebook with the sole purpose of making us moms jealous.  Well, here you go, you marathon running, tropical isle traveling, book reading, waist-having, little trouble makers:

Look!  That guy is also taking a picture of my feet!  Is that an even newer Facebook trend, perhaps?  Taking pictures of other people’s feet in paradise?

I’m not jealous anymore.  Not today. Because I’m right here with ya.  (Except that whole obsession my generation seems to have with running marathons.  I wouldn’t even be with ya on that one if I didn’t have kids.)

So, yeah, funny story.  I am at a blogging conference and I had kinda sorta been lagging on my blogging.  (Don’t feel bad, Blogging, I was also lagging on my new home unpacking, dish cleaning, food cooking…and sleeping.  It wasn’t just you, my friend.)

But I feel re-inspired already.  All I needed was an afternoon with an old, long lost friend.  The cheesiest, funniest, friend I have.

Who also has the sexiest feet ever.  Obviously.

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10 Responses to Funny Story…

  1. Your mother says:

    One of your best blogs. I’m not even in your generation and I loved it!!

  2. Julie says:

    Wish I could see San Diego, too. So glad you are
    Enjoying the time for yourself. Wonderful!

  3. Sara says:

    Love your blog! It was great to meet you today! Let me know when you figure out how we know one another outside of blogging. This is going to bug me!!

  4. Libby says:

    glad you are back!

  5. Thanks, mum! That means a lot.

  6. Julie – I am now OBSESSED with San Diego! Need to go back! And I didn’t even get to the beach!

  7. Sara – Thanks for checking out my blog so quickly! I am going to do some blog reading starting tonight and tomorrow and can’t wait to read yours! I will put my thinking cap on about why you look so familiar!

  8. Thanks, Lib! Happy to BE back! 🙂

  9. I will respectfully disagree with your husband . . . I totally get your sense of humor. And love it!

    So glad you went to BlogHer and are inspired to blog again. I missed your blog very much!!

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