Open-Faced Salmon BLTs

Our house is loud.  Boisterous.  Crazy.  Full of music, dancing, singing, yelling, crying, laughing. LOUD.

Tonight’s dinner?  Silent.

Yes, these are that good.  That’s really all you have to know.

Because I am not perfect (see explanatory post) and am kind of rushing into this, I didn’t think ahead to take any pictures as I prepared this one. In fact, it wasn’t until I saw them on the plate that I felt an urgent ‘I have to start my dinner blog segment NOW!  Baby, hand over your iphone – I’m taking a picture of them before we devour them!’ feeling.  So keep in mind that these photos are from an old iphone.  But here is what it looks like as a finished product:

My husband and I ate them as is.  Carlitos is much more modern and likes his sandwiches ‘deconstructed.’  I see Top Chef in his future.

And Xavi?  Whoa!  To be honest, I am not sure what to call this eating style…

Got a thing for the carbs, eh buddy?

Using all of our various eating styles, we each became members of the Clean Plate Club.  And there wasn’t even dessert hanging over our heads as incentive tonight, so I think you are starting to understand just how delicious these are.

Enjoy these on a night when you could use some peace and quiet, as I can guarantee that is a side effect of a super tasty meal such as this one.

Open-Faced Salmon BLTs (Makes 4 adult servings; Or two adults and two Horcasitas Boys)


Salmon – about 1.5 lbs





Bacon – 1 or 2 slices per sandwich


To make:

Fry up the bacon however you like it. (I’m a crispy girl, myself.) Set aside on a paper towel.  Drain most of the grease from the pan.  Salt and pepper your salmon.  I also added Herbs de Provence.  Try any herbs and spices you like with salmon.  Dill, Old Bay, Thyme.  Go for it.  Put the pan on med-high heat and put the salmon fillets in.  If you are keeping the skin on, put that side down first to crisp up. (Personally, I’m not a fan, but it has always been Carlitos’ favorite food.  It’s worth seeing if your kid will eat it – could get you some decent college scholarships down the road, or so they say.  Go, Omega-3!) Flip them after about 3-5 minutes and let them finish cooking through.


I found par-baked frozen baguettes on Fresh Direct for 99 cents, so obviously, I bought several.  We used one for these sandwiches and it was amazing.  However, any type of bread works.  I bet a crunchy country bread or toasted sourdough would be great. Spread some mayonnaise on a slice of bread.  Put on the bacon.  Then the salmon.  Next comes some avocado. (More brain food!  You can use their college funds to travel around the world and buy sports cars! Yippee!) Layer of tomato. (Okay, seriously.  Am I really giving you the step-by-step of how to put layers on a sandwich? You should totally screw with me and put the tomato beneath the avocado. Go ahead.  I deserve it.) Lastly – and I do actually think this part makes sense – comes the lettuce.  Try a big, leafy type like Boston or Bib and then it acts as a top layer of bread since these are open-faced.  Makes it much easier to keep the other layers in check.  Trust me.

Oh, and throw some salt and pepper in there somewhere. I would imagine hot sauce would also do nice things for this sandwich.  Heck, throw on any extra toppings or seasoning you want.  I promise I am not stopping by for a surprise inspection.  Ultimately, recipes are meant to be messed with. So, have fun.  And let me know how it went, would ya?

ps.  If you want to share this recipe with someone (Please, please, please want to share this recipe with someone!), use the little button/thingamajiggies right underneath this post.  I thank you kindly.

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8 Responses to Open-Faced Salmon BLTs

  1. Monica says:

    um…yum! Keep the food posts coming please!!

  2. Nichola says:

    Yummy! I will definitely be sharing this! Can’t wait to try it!

  3. Nina says:

    I too LOVE the food posts–not just because I LOVE food, but also because they are creative and fun. I only wish that you were a next door neighbor and I could come over for dinner. Since this seems really far fetched, I guess I could give this a try. I will let you know how it goes! Thanks!

  4. Emily says:

    I have another project for you besides the blog…put together a cookbook for college students…thank you so much! I’ll be waiting for it.

  5. So happy to hear some enthusiasm for the food posts!

    My readers prefer food to free things.
    So noted.


  6. autumn says:

    food posts are my favorite! (sorry, all the creative writing is going into my dissertation)

  7. great! (and mine into my blogging) 😉

  8. […] thanks M!) Also, making sure that the fats we eat are the good kinds.  The omega-3 kinds.  I have talked about this before, but this will actually save you money in the future when your kids get academic scholarships.  […]

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