What is ‘What’s for Supper Wednesdays’ all about?

This idea has been brewing for awhile now.  Several friends have suggested I do this and I am always up for something new.  So, I am finally going to go ahead and start a bit of a ‘food section’ on this here blog.  It will be called ‘What’s for Supper Wednesdays’ and I will post it every…duh da da da…Wednesday!

I meant to get everything perfect first.  Mostly meaning that I meant to learn how to use my fabulous new (eh, not so new anymore and yet I still have no idea how to use it) camera.  Have you ever seen a food blog?  The photos are unbelievable.  They could make your mouth salivate over cat food, I swear.  I will do my best to work toward that caliber of photograph.   But let’s be honest, this site is called REAL Mommy Chronicles.  You get me?

Listen, I am me.  And I am not perfect.  And I am impatient.  So here I go starting this segment even though I should probably be waiting a little bit longer.  But even though the photos (at least to begin with) might not make your heart skip a beat, I can promise you that the food will be easy, fun and delicious.

So, here’s what I’m thinking…  I love food blogs.  They are beautiful.  They are inspirational.  They are soothing.

But, truth be told?  They aren’t always so realistic.  At least, not for my week day meals.  And not for the week day meals of most parents I know – working or stay at home.   Actually, not for most of our non-parent friends, either.  Life is too crazy for most of us to be making meals with tons of ingredients or that take tons of time.

On the other hand, we all know that it’s not in our family’s best interest to be eating boxed macaroni and cheese or take out every night, either.

There has to be a middle ground.

Hopefully, this segment can help us reach that middle ground together.

To be honest, I feel pretty strongly about cooking my family dinner.  (I try to do it 5-6 nights a week.)  And when I say ‘strongly,’ I don’t mean that I feel judgy toward people who don’t do this, I actually mean ‘strongly’ – like for some reason I have a strong emotional desire to cook for my family.  To nourish them well.  To provide for them in this basic way.  I feel strongly about it.

As far as recipes I post on Wednesdays, unless specifically noted, they will be things I actually made on a week night, after a long day, with two little ones around my ankles while I cook.  Probably similarly to you.  This means that hopefully you will actually use these recipes and let me know how they turn out.  Because although it’s cliche, honestly?  If I can do it, you can too.

I mean, we are talking about a girl who can’t figure out how to use a regular camera.  Someone who needs two cups of coffee just to get up the energy to take her son to pre-school.  A mom who showers, on average, three times a week.

A normal person, like you.

So, let’s get started….

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9 Responses to What is ‘What’s for Supper Wednesdays’ all about?

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  2. Diana says:

    The crock pot is a lifesaver for me. It makes it super easy to have dinner waiting at the end of the day and doesn’t drain my energy.

  3. Totally agree! There will DEFINITELY be some crock pot recipes in this section! 🙂

  4. Carly says:

    What a great idea! I was looking at a few food blogs earlier trying to find an olive oil cake recipe. They are fancy. But yours has food and kids, my two favorite things. Also, Harris and I like it crispy too!

  5. Thanks! Happy to hear you think it’s a good idea. That’s what I was going for!

    And what kind of wrong people DON’T like it crispy?!? Weirdos.

  6. I feel the same way! Awesome idea!

  7. Thanks, Erin! I hope a lot of readers think so! 😉

  8. Julie says:


  9. I hope so. I am counting on all of you to make these dishes with me and let me know just how ‘yum’ you found them to be…

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