Mommy Haiku

Today was a long day full of tantrums, joy, physical exertion and over-eating.  I wanted to share it with you, but it would have been much too long of a post.  Seeing as today felt like Spring, and Haiku both shortens descriptions AND is supposed to be related to the seasons, I felt it was the perfect way to try to describe today. So here are a series of Haikus in succession as an attempt to relate my life to you.  I am hoping you give a damn.  Enjoy.

Just a Day

The sun shone warmly

So we went to the Bronx Zoo

Walking and watching


Then we were hungry

Drove to Little Italy

Ate like little pigs


Hurried back for class

Carlos runs and jumps and kicks

Xavi wants to join


Rush home as sun sets

In cool air eat big dinner

Bodies in PJs


Jump in car again

Race taxis downtown to bus

Say bye to Mima


Still racing taxis

Come home to no parking spots

Wait in car at night


Do P90X

Want to die and melt or both

Shower, PJs, blog


On days like today

Wine need not apply for job

Mommy needs stiff drink

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