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Free Friday!

Here we go! This is something I will be doing on Fridays from now on.  I am very excited about the items and companies I have lined up already!  Most of all, I am excited about doing give-aways for my readers, because I am grateful to have you here! So, today’s FREE item is actually, […]

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Jaded Trust

Sounds kind of like we are playing, ‘Let’s find out our porn star names’ or something, right? While that would actually make a pretty cool porn star name, I did not grow up on Jaded Lane and my middle name is not Trust… it’s Trouble. hahahahahahaha (It is a wonderful existence when you make yourself […]

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Things Little Boys Say

Similar to Things Little Boys Do, and to be quite honest, Things Men Do, this topic continues to mystify me. Here are several examples of things Carlitos has said in the past month or so that, while mostly painfully cute (in his mother’s opinion, at least), still bewilder me each time.  I mean, seriously.  Where […]

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