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What it Means to Defend Paula Deen

I am a bit of a Facebook whore-ette.  (It’s not a vulgar word if you add ‘ette’ to the end of it, don’t you know.)  Many of you already know this.  I love to share and I love to be privy to the details of others’ lives and I love feeling connected to the outside […]

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Healthy Habits

Kids are often the litmus test for how sane, healthy and functional our society is. Kids’ bullying is becoming more frequent and harsh?  Kids are shooting other kids with guns?  Kids are overweight? They are learning all of this.  It is not coded in our ‘American DNA’ in case that was your theory.  Kids demonstrate […]

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Boston, You’re My Home

Bit of a rough week, guys, eh? One week ago, families and friends of Boston Marathoners were making signs, setting up rides into the city, getting excited to cheer on the people they love and the causes in which they believe. Runners themselves were busy stuffing their faces with pizza, pasta, bread and other delicious […]

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My blogging routine goes something like this:  Think of something I feel like discussing, fight to find a few free minutes during nap time or after the boys’ bedtime on nights my husband has class, write. I don’t do a lot of pausing, thinking or editing.  Pretty much, I just kind of swoop a net […]

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Parents spend millions and millions of seconds thinking about what is best for their child, deciding what is best for their child, doing what is best for their child.  Seconds upon seconds upon seconds nurturing, loving and supporting their child. As a pregnant mother, you cook your deli meat to the correct safe temperature, stay […]

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Sandy Isn’t Over Yet

Tragedy occurs every single day, all over the world.  Horrible atrocities.  Crimes that shock us.  Violence against innocents that makes your stomach turn.  Natural disasters that wipe towns, cities and islands off the map.  Injustices that we never even hear about because they don’t make the news. It’s all unfair.  All of it.  I think […]

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Babies and Beer in Brooklyn

When Carlitos was first born my husband and I had just turned 26.  Our friends were still living it up.  Hardcore.  Well, hardcore for artsy fartsy types.  Which I think simply translates to lots of pot. What do I know? I was suddenly busy making sure my organic lettuce had been triple washed and that […]

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Let’s Keep it Classy, Facebook

I do not love my friends. I do not think kids with cancer are beautiful. I do not recognize any movies from my youth. I do not want that man to get the transplant he needs to live. I do not wish we had a cure for…well, anything life-threatening. Basically, I am the worst human […]

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Life. Death. Love. – The Importants.

Lately, I have noticed that my temper seems to run out earlier in the day than I would like.  Certainly more quickly than my children would probably like as well, since they are often the recipients of my clenched teeth warnings and arm-grabbings. Like many of my truths divulged on here, I am not proud […]

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High Times

I dated a pothead in high school.  Actually, that’s not entirely true.  I dated several potheads.  And was best friends with one back then, too.  And lived with a few in college. (Is ‘pothead’ an offensive term? Sure hope not.) And yet, I was never a big fan. My husband and best friend are always […]