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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Read All About It!

I promise I am working hard on my ‘How the Heck do I Keep Grocery Prices down?!’ blog post, but I am too excited about my newest upcoming venture to keep it to myself any longer! This vlog is only about 2% fancier than the last one (I found a free video editor on my […]

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My First Vlog! AKA: Evidence That I Truly Write Exactly Like I Speak…Nonsensically

Sometimes I paralyze myself.  Not in, like, some magic power sort of way, but more in a ‘Yeah, I’ll do that once everything is perfectly aligned.” sort of way. Guess what? Nothing is every perfectly aligned.  I should know this. I’ve written about this issue before, this ability to stop myself from doing something because […]

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The Power of Connection

The last time I wrote – just a couple weeks ago – I was waiting for my nuclear iodine scan and uptake results.  A lot has happened since then.  I kept calling my doctor to find out the results and finally, almost a week later, they realized that they had received them the Friday prior, […]

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On the Bright Side, My Car is Now Clean

I’m a lucky girl.  My mother-in-law was able to come up on Tuesday and Wednesday to help watch the boys since I wasn’t supposed to be very close to them  after swallowing  the radioactive iodine pills I had to take for the thyroid scan.  Her presence turned two crappy days into two very productive ones. […]


The Fear of Uncertainty

I keep sitting down to write these past few weeks and ending up with nothing.  I check my nonsensical gibberish in the notes section on my phone, think about funny or important things happening in the world, in New York or with my family.  Sometimes I just put my fingers on the keyboard and see […]

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The Hired Help…For Free

We are visiting my parents this weekend with a special added bonus:  my in-laws are here, too.  Pretty neat, huh? Yes, we are in a very fortunate situation where my parents and my in-laws get along wonderfully.  Like, they visit each other even when we aren’t around.  Even though they live nine hours away from […]

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I have been having fantasies lately. Prints.  Carpets.  Color.  Organization. Yes, décor fantasies. The thing is, I got pregnant at 25 years old.  Then we got married once Carlitos turned one.  We lived in Washington, D.C., and then moved to Maryland.  Suddenly we were in Harlem.  Next up, Brooklyn. Basically we have done everything backwards.  […]

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And Time Marches On

We spent two fabulous weeks gallivanting around the Mediterranean with our extended family, my father-in-law as host.  It was amazing.  A trip we will never forget.  And one that I am sure I will do a photo post about sometime soon. (‘soon’ being November if you know me at all) Then, we returned last Sunday […]

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They Don’t Call ‘Em the Trenches for Nothin’

I hired a babysitter today so that I could work with a client, get some food shopping done and, as it turns out, even have a few extra minutes to fill the car with gas and get my eyebrows done.  Success! The spa, it was not.  But honestly, a few hours alone – even to […]

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The Photo Edition

By request (Honest to God I Swear No Really), here are the photos I have from BlogHer’12.  To be honest, I don’t have that many since my camera phone mysteriously only works when I take photos with Instagram and I was trying not to completely photo bomb my Instagram account.  Someday soon I will make […]

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