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I just read through my two most recent posts.  It was actually pretty difficult to do. Even though writing has been an excellent way for me to work through confusing events in my life, a way to cope and heal and make my way through murky situations and emotions, this was too much.  Dealing with […]

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Kind of Bleh

It has been 27 days since I had surgery.  Two and a half months since I was told I had cancer.  Both experiences are still vivid in my mind if I choose to replay them.  But both also kind of feel like an eternity ago. I think for that reason, I keep wanting to write […]

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How D’ya Do, Wackadoo?

From Kalamazoo. I was about to erase all of that.  Or at least the part about Kalamazoo.  But then I realized it actually works perfectly to demonstrate what it is I came here to talk about. If you have seen me in person since October, you may have noticed that my phone screen resembles the […]

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Enjoying the Spell

Let me begin with a few little housekeeping notes: I BEAT CANCER. How’s that for a hashtag BOOM moment?  Cancer Survivor. #BOOM Yup, sucker didn’t stand a chance.  TKO down for the count in the first round. (I am possibly mixing sports slang gibberish to be even more gibberishy, but what the heck.)  The call […]

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I certainly don’t feel like trying to explain the hodge podge of emotions I have felt recently. (Not that this Vicodin, even when used sparingly, truly permits writing coherently enough to do so anyway.) And the fact that I have remained in a position ‘lacking movement, development or vitality’ for the past five days isn’t helping my inspiration.

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My blogging routine goes something like this:  Think of something I feel like discussing, fight to find a few free minutes during nap time or after the boys’ bedtime on nights my husband has class, write. I don’t do a lot of pausing, thinking or editing.  Pretty much, I just kind of swoop a net […]

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Parents spend millions and millions of seconds thinking about what is best for their child, deciding what is best for their child, doing what is best for their child.  Seconds upon seconds upon seconds nurturing, loving and supporting their child. As a pregnant mother, you cook your deli meat to the correct safe temperature, stay […]

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A Sentimental-ish Post about Traditions. Kind of.

Since the day I found out I was pregnant with Carlitos, my husband and I have lived in six different homes in three different states.  I changed jobs and added in about four different part-time positions, he changed jobs three times and started graduate school. To balance out the chaos, we have plenty of solid […]

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Dark Clouds and Silver Linings

Lonesome. A family friend (who survived stage 4 lung cancer) used that word in an email to me last week.  I feel as though my emotions and thoughts have been swirling chaotically around inside of me for the past two weeks.  Hearing the words, “You have cancer.” shook me.  As someone who is usually able […]

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So, I am going to rip off the bandaid right away, just like my doctor did Thursday night when he called me with the full results from my biopsies. The bad news: I have cancer. The good news: I have one of the best endocrinologists in the world and will be meeting with a chief […]

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