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Does This Cut Make My Cufflinks Look Big?

The other morning my husband did something he often does: asked my opinion about something he was wearing.  This particular time it was in reference to a new brand and style of white button down work shirt he was trying. Yeah, you look great! But what do you think of the different material and cut? […]

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Confessions of a Hand Sanitizer Junkie

I asked Erin, from Mommy on the Spot if I could please request that she return the favor and guest post for me.  I have been even more super busy than usual lately.  Ironically, largely because of my two sick children that are constantly, well…sick.  Like, I am soooo over sickness of any kind.  I […]

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Jaded Trust

Sounds kind of like we are playing, ‘Let’s find out our porn star names’ or something, right? While that would actually make a pretty cool porn star name, I did not grow up on Jaded Lane and my middle name is not Trust… it’s Trouble. hahahahahahaha (It is a wonderful existence when you make yourself […]

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Mount Everest, Baby! (Part I)

(Part II to come…) Motherhood and relationships, much like life in general, are made up of peaks and valleys. Well, Wednesday evening through Thursday night was a serious peak.  Like, Mount Everest height. For dinner on Wednesday, I recreated the Five Napkin Burger that we had for brunch on Sunday. First, I made Carlitos his […]

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Rreawr…saucer of milk, table for two!*

*Joke credit goes to M.E.F. As if being a stay at home mom to a 2.5 year old and a newborn is not exhausting enough, the truly draining behavior I experience almost daily here in New York comes from other moms.  Let me note clearly that I am not speaking about ALL other moms.  I […]

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Feelin’ Good

My newborn somehow became a 2-month-old on Tuesday.  I am not sure how he did that – he is so sneaky!  But we celebrated anyhow.  The celebration included three shots to his perfectly chunky little thighs and one tube of ice cold liquid down his throat.  Oh, it was a blast!  I mean, when you […]

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