No really, grandparents are helpful

And this is why we are truly thankful for the grandparents.

My mom came by this morning and cleaned the kitchen, did some laundry, played with Carlitos, put away clean clothes and then…la piece de resistance…made our bed with clean sheets. ahhhhhhhhhh…….heaven.

Side note: You might notice that photograph above our bed. Yup, it’s a wedding photo. Truth be told, my first choice would be to have a headboard. Second choice would be some fabulous large painting. However, neither of those are a reality right now, so I asked my mom to help me put that photo up just so that it wouldn’t be blank space anymore.  She raised her eyebrows and asked if I was certain I wanted to do that.  Yes, I’m sure.  I mean, aesthetically it might look a little odd, but I’m sure it’s good Feng Shui, right? I recall reading that you should have romantic photos up in your bedroom. I’m positive I read that somewhere.

Anyway, the whole reason I’m even giving this side note is because of my mom’s next comment. “Okay, if you’re really sure you want it there.  I mean, it’s very ‘1930’s Italian’ of you.”  Well, I’m sure she thought that would deter me. Nope.  I’m contrary, don’t you remember?

Listen, I have NO idea what ‘1930’s Italian’ style looks like, but it sounds pretty darn cool to me.  Plus, it’s not even like it’s ‘Hipster  so old-school it’s cool’ cool.  (No offense to any hipsters reading this right now-I’m not making a dig, just creating a benchmark for how cool this actually is.) No, our bedroom is now apparently truly old-school Italian and that makes us way ahead of the curve as far as cool is concerned.  You know you are totally going to consider putting your wedding photo up there now…Oh yes, we are trendsetters.

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