Worth a Thousand Words


Uh oh, an attempt at Lucha Libre…

The end result?  Pure joy for both of them!

I am so thankful and happy that these two love each other so much already.

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2 Responses to Worth a Thousand Words

  1. Great photos!

    Any tips on how you fostered a strong bond already?

  2. I’m not really certain and I don’t want to get all up on my high horse and say, “Well, what weeeee did is…” and then karma will come and have Carlitos hitting his baby brother tomorrow or something.

    But I can tell you that we have been working really hard to still give Carlitos tons of attention and never using Xavi as a reason for something. i.e. “You can’t go to the zoo today because it;s too hot for Xavi.”

    Honestly though, it is probably mostly dumb luck.

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