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Parenting Tips You won’t Find in a Book: Part II

Bang.  Bang, bang, bang. Tap. Clack. BANG. Carlitos, SHHHHHHHH, Xavi is sleeping! But Mommy, I am playing with my construction toys. You need to play quieter, please.  Xavi needs his sleep. Clack. Clack. Tap. BANG. Carlitos! Do you want me to put on my show instead of Handy Manny?!?! {Silence} End scene. Sometimes, even though […]

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Open-Faced Salmon BLTs

Our house is loud.  Boisterous.  Crazy.  Full of music, dancing, singing, yelling, crying, laughing. LOUD. Tonight’s dinner?  Silent. Yes, these are that good.  That’s really all you have to know. Because I am not perfect (see explanatory post) and am kind of rushing into this, I didn’t think ahead to take any pictures as I […]

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What is ‘What’s for Supper Wednesdays’ all about?

This idea has been brewing for awhile now.  Several friends have suggested I do this and I am always up for something new.  So, I am finally going to go ahead and start a bit of a ‘food section’ on this here blog.  It will be called ‘What’s for Supper Wednesdays’ and I will post […]

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